10 Essentials for a Brushed Nickel Bathroom

When it comes to bathroom fixtures and details, the options for styles are just endless. Fads also come and go, but what many people truly look for is a style that’s classic and endless at the same time, something that won’t go out of fashion anytime soon. Fortunately, there’s such an option in brushed nickel. Brushed nickel has a distinctive look that’s sleek and subtle, but it isn’t always made out of nickel. Brushed nickel material can also be made out of copper and zinc, and it has characteristic and consistent small grooves on the surface. These are made with the use of a wire brush on the surface. Over time, brushed nickel furnishings have become classic options for the bathroom. Here are 10 essentials you’ll need to have in your bathroom to complete the brushed nickel look.

1. Sink faucet

The sink faucet is probably one of the most used fixtures in any bathroom. It gets constant attention from hand washing. Because of this, it has the potential to truly make a statement. Go with a modern brushed nickel sink faucet in order to speak your style out. Any one of these faucets from allmodern.com provides style and function in one system.

2. Cabinet hardware

Some cabinets may be styled without the need of hardware, but you can add to a bathroom’s brushed nickel look by fixing hardware on cabinets. Brushed nickel hardware comes in all shapes and sizes—from round knobs to long handles. You can pick whichever suits the style of your bathroom, or you can pick whichever is reflective of your style.

3. Towel rack

You can have racks to store your used towels on, or you can also have racks to store clean towels on. Whichever you may need, there are brushed nickel options for it. There are plenty of brushed nickel racks that can hold your towels vertically. These come in various lengths, so make sure to measure out the length of space in your bathroom set for towel storage. There are also brushed nickel storage options to store folded towels. These storage options are normally put up on walls.

4. Toilet paper refill storage

There’s nothing worse than running out of toilet paper when you need it the most. In order to avoid this scenario, it’s best to always have extra toilet paper on standby in your bathroom. A brushed nickel toilet paper refill storage can be placed close enough to your toilet without being a nuisance. It’s useful and especially inconspicuous when matched with the rest of your bathroom fixtures.

5. Toilet paper holder

Of course, no brushed nickel fixture collection is complete without the much needed toilet paper holder. You can get rid of your plastic or shiny steel toilet paper holder. Replace either one with a more elegant brushed nickel holder such as this one from Floor and Décor. It would even be better if you can match your toilet paper holder to your faucet. At the very least, you can match the hue of the brushed nickel throughout the bathroom.

6. Vanity lighting

Your bathroom mirror will need vanity lighting, and brushed nickel is always a good way to go. Brushed nickel will allow the lighting shades to blend in when needed and to stand out when desired. The look of brushed nickel vanity light fixtures is very much sophisticated; it’s difficult to really go wrong regardless of how the shades look…if any. Brushed nickel vanity lighting looks the best when paired with bright or daylight bulbs. They make the room brighter and allow the brushed nickel to stand out.

7. Shower frame

If you’re going to have a shower with frames, you might as well have one that’s made out of brushed nickel. Shiny stainless steel, gold, or even brass frames just have an outdated feel to them. Brushed nickel shower frames add a touch of modernity to any bathroom. Brushed nickel shower frames provide function along with style. In some ways, the material allows the frames to disappear, which is altogether better for the look of any bathroom overall.

8. Shower caddy

Not all bathrooms are equipped with built-in shelving, and sometimes the best option for toiletry storage is to have a shower caddy to store your favorites. Choose a brushed nickel shower caddy to give your shower space necessary storage. Brushed nickel won’t look archaic in any bathroom, and it also gives off a subtle vibe. Most shower caddies are already cumbersome. With a brushed nickel material, a shower caddy can be a stylish addition to your bathroom instead of just an unwanted necessity.

9. Shower head

To complete the look of a brushed nickel bathroom, it’s important you also have a brushed nickel showerhead. This Rainfall Shower Head from Signature Hardware is available in brushed nickel, and it gives the vibe that your shower is really coming from the sky—at least versus a darker or shinier showerhead. The result is stunning and relaxing, as the showerhead will not interfere because of its look.

10. Door knob

Last but not the least, you need to have a brushed nickel doorknob to start and end the entire design. The doorknob is the first thing you’ll see and touch upon entrance to a bathroom, and it’s also the last things you’ll see and touch. If you want the brushed nickel to have a lasting impression, replace your doorknobs with a brushed nickel finish and style that goes with the overall style of your bathroom. It’ll tie in everything together beautifully, completing a look that’s simple, elegant, modern, and stylish. A brushed nickel bathroom doesn’t have to be boring either, especially since it can complement any color or style. Use your imagination here, and you can never go wrong.

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