The Five Best Bathroom Smart Mirrors Money Can Buy

New technology in homes has advanced to a smart version of almost every appliance in the home, but what about the mirrors? When you’re planning a new bathroom design, consider adding a smart mirror to the plans. These high tech mirrors can enhance the level of luxury in your home immensely. Most work on your Wi-Fi network and offer a variety of different useful features. Which bathroom smart mirrors are the best? If you’re not quite sure which model to choose, we’ve narrowed the list to the five best smart mirrors that money can buy. Make your home a high-tech haven for luxury living.

5. Byecold Vertical Vanity Touch Switch Bathroom Mirror

Price: $249

This Smart Mirror works like a regular bathroom mirror, but it offers much more. It connects through a WiFi Clock application to provide you with a weather forecast in real time, that lets you know what to expect for the day. A single button opens up this and two more special functions. The mirror also provides light as well as defogging for the Mirror. The LED Illuminate light is dimmable so you can set the amount of lighting and you can even choose the tone of the light to either white or warm hues. It also comes with an anti-fog function to allow you to see through the steam. After connected to WiFi clock terminals, the multifunctional setting option allows you to set the display, the date, the temperature, humidity and alarm settings to keep you informed about the bathroom environment and beyond.

4. Bath Knot Bathroom Smart Mirror

Price: $104.76

This is a smart mirror that operates with Wireless Bluetooth. In addition to providing distortion free mirror images, the 7×9 inch mirror allows you to enjoy your favorite music, as well as talk. It’s equipped with Siri & Google so you can ask Siri any question that’s on your mind. The speakerphone gives you hands free communication, and it also features 1 amp of power for smartphone charging. This smart mirror is voice controlled. The smart mirror also feature an anti-fogging function to keep the mirror fog and streak free. The light is bright at 6,000 lumens and it is also dimmable so you can adjust the lighting in the bathroom for the utmost in luxury and convenience.

3. Ad Notam Smart Mirror Light

Price: $865.00

The Ad Notam Smart Mirror functions in the full capacity as a mirror, but it’s loaded with special features that add luxury and convenience to your bathroom. The crystal mirror features integrated LED lighting with a dimmer control that allows you to adjust the amount of light it projects. The smart functions connect via Wi-Fi to use the real color index with a 7 inch diagonal screen. A loudspeaker is integrated into the mirror but you won’t see it from the outside. A defogger keeps your mirror view clear and streak free. You can also listen to your favorite streamed music via Bluetooth audio. This smart mirror is easy to install but it does require the installation of electrical hardwiring.

2. Home Netwerks 36 in. x 30 in. Single LED Wall Mirror with Bluetooth Speakers

Price: $449.00

The Home Netwerks brand smart mirror is ideal for turning your bathroom into a luxurious and convenient state of the art smart room. This mirror is lighted with an LED light on all 4 sides with dimmable controls that allow you to adjust the brightness to the desired level. It’s ideal for putting on makeup or shaving, or for a relaxing soak in the tub in low light. It functions as a regular mirror but you can activate the lighting with the touch sensor buttons with up to 2,835 lumens. The mirror must be hardwired into the electrical system in your home and it may require a professional electrician to install. The smart mirror is also equipped with dual integrated Bluetooth speakers and a microphone that allows you to take calls through the speaker. There are also anti fog pads installed in the mirror to prevent it from fogging when bathing or showering.

1. Fusion Savvy LED Smart Mirror

Price: $4,770.00

The Fusion Savvy LED Smart Mirror is the most expensive in our list of the best Smart mirrors that money can buy, but it is also the best. This luxurious high tech bathroom mirror is loaded with some of the most amazing features that the mind can imagine. It’s available in a choice of three sizes. The integrated lighting allows you to control the amount of lighting in the room with a dimmable control. It functions as a regular mirror until you turn on the smart features via an on and off switch. When turned on, the functions of the mirror allow you to control all of the smart features in your entire home with the touch of a finger. The Savvy works with any Android device or app with almost unlimited potential to stay connected with the world around you or enjoy entertainment directly from your bathroom mirror.

This mirror is constructed with Iris mirror glass with an energy efficient system made in the USA. The LED lights have an approximate 52,000 hour lifespan. One of the best features of this mirror is the multi touch screen LCD display with a 1020 x 1080 16:9 resolution display operated from WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0. You can control other smart devices from the mirror. You an also attach external speakers to the mirror, which are not included but it does come with mini speakers for having conversations or listening to your favorite music. This is our choice for the number one position as the best smart mirror that money can buy.

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