20 Shining Examples of Glass Walk-in Showers

You spend a lot of time in one, for most people, you spend time in it on a daily basis, and sometimes you step into more than once a day. It’s your shower, and if you are like the majority of people, you develop a kind of relationship with your shower where you can either hate it or love it. Your shower is something that not only serves a purpose, to get clean, but you want to be able to feel relaxed and rejuvenated when you use your shower. If your shower isn’t relaxing for you while you’re using it, then maybe it’s time to re-think your shower stall. If you still own a bath/shower combo, then you are really missing out on the perks of a glass walk-in shower. Glass walk-ins are what’s in these days and once you see some of the most beautiful examples of the glass walk-in shower, you’ll understand why. If you’re ready to give your bathroom a face lift and install a glass walk-in shower, we have some things you will want to consider before you embark on the journey of adding one of these spectacular bathroom fixtures. No matter what size bathroom you have, you can design the perfect glass shower that fits your style, bathroom space, and budget. Here’s more about glass walk-in showers.

For the larger bathrooms

If you are blessed to have a large bathroom that can house a large glass walk-in shower then you have a lot of options for what you can do with your shower. Large walk-ins give you the ability to create just about any type of experience you want to out of your shower. With all the space, consider adding a built-in shower bench where you can sit to shave, wash, or just relax while the warm water warms and relaxes you. If you love the idea of having a spa-like experience when in your large walk-in shower, you might want to consider adding multiple shower heads that can give you different water spraying options, from rainfall patterns to shower under, to larger, more powerful shower heads that massage you and rejuvenate your muscles and skin. Large walk-ins also allow for different types of nooks and bars to hold your personal shower items.

For the smaller bathrooms

You might think that a beautiful glass walk-in shower isn’t possible in your smaller bathroom, but even in a small bathroom, you can corner off an area of the space to install a small, glass enclosed shower stall. Glass showers can actually help your small bathroom appear larger due to the see-through glass whereas a bath/shower combo with a shower curtain takes away from the visual square footage and can actually shrink the appearance of the room. You can help to increase the size of the visual square footage further by adding mirrors to your bathroom to help reflect the openness of the see through space.

Use your shower as a work of art for your bathroom

They’re not only utilitarian, but they can become a beautiful work of art for your bathroom, and this can all be done by choosing the right elements for the inside of your shower. Since your shower is now an open space that can be visualized from anywhere in the bathroom, make the inside a beautiful reflection of your style and taste. Choose elements for the shower floor and walls that can be showcased as artsy. Beautiful stone or tile motifs make turn your glass shower into a beautiful art display, and you can take it further by adding beautiful plants, light fixtures, and other pieces of art that help enhance the look of your shower.

You may prefer a frosted glass

Certain bathrooms may benefit from a frosted glass as opposed to clear glass, and they can be just as stunning, especially if you use frosted glass in a bathroom where there is plenty of natural light. Light streaming through windows on the frosted glass can create a beautiful look for your bathroom and really warm up the room. If your bathroom is one that those who are using the shower prefer a bit more privacy, frosted glass can be a great way to have the best of both worlds – glass enclosure but you’re still getting the privacy you like with a shower curtain or other privacy element.

Turn your bathroom into a more functional and beautiful space that you can enjoy at the start, or end of each day by creating a stunning glass walk-in shower in your bathroom. Take a look at the following shining examples of glass walk-in showers and start designing your shower upgrade.

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