20 Gorgeous Examples of a Farmhouse Bathroom

Farmhouse decor is at the top of the list of popular design themes, although, it really isn’t so much about design, as it is, creating a space that reflects a type of lifestyle. When you think of a farmhouse, don’t you picture a laid back, warm, and relaxed atmosphere? Most people do, and you can create that look and feel all throughout your home, including in your bathroom. Farmhouse styles vary and it depends on your personal taste as to which direction you’ll take your farmhouse decor. The most popular versions of farmhouse are, Modern farmhouse, Rustic farmhouse, and Industrial farmhouse. All incorporate similar elements and vary in others that set them apart. Let’s take a look at some really great ideas that will give you a beautiful farmhouse bathroom, no matter which version of “farmhouse” you fancy.

Start with the walls

Warm, cozy, and welcoming is what most people think of when they envision a farmhouse. When you walk into a farmhouse room, anywhere in the home, the walls can set the stage for the entire room. The Spruce describes ways you can achieve a farmhouse look for your walls. Beadboard, wainscotting, and shiplap boards are all ways to create a soft and elegant farmhouse look. Neutral tones add warmth and a sense of openness to the room, especially in bathrooms that lack much natural light. ,Depending on the type of farmhouse look you’re going for, wood is also a great way to achieve a farmhouse look, especially for a rustic farmhouse theme.

Think freestanding tubs and farmhouse sinks

You might not be bathing in the open outdoors, but you can recreate the feeling of soaking in a big sunken tub in the openness of nature like you might imagine farmhouse life was like some time ago, or maybe still is for some. A large free-standing tub just speaks, farmhouse. They’re simplistic, yet elegant, and as one of the largest elements in the room, a free-standing tub will be a beautiful focal point that sets the stage for the rest of the elements. Of course you want your sink or basin to flow with your tub, so choose a sink that compliments the style of your tub, even the toilet. Choose a sink that gives your vanity and the bathroom’s overall look, a real Farmhouse feel. One Kind Design has the right idea about farmhouse bathroom sinks. Trough sinks look great paired with a beautiful marble or wood vanity, or maybe you prefer a simple above-vanity sink bowl to wash up in after a long day at work. Sinks made of galvanized metal add a great farmhouse element to the bathroom, especially paired with a modern, rustic style bathroom faucet

Let the farmhouse light shine

Lighting is always a fun design element to choose. It can also make or break a room, especially a bathroom. You’ll want both, functional and ambient lighting. Both serve a purpose, and together, they give you the perfect amount of light for each need. Functional lighting is typically used over vanity mirrors for grooming needs. Vanity lights in bronze, galvanized metal or glass, are all popular finishes for a farmhouse look. Depending on your farmhouse style; rustic, industrial, modern, or a combination, you can find a style that fits your bathrooms design elements. Hang farmhouse wall sconces to a wall in the bathroom for dramatic effect and ambient lighting, or maybe you love the idea of a beautiful rustic style chandelier hanging over your freestanding tub as an eye-catching focal point.

Farmhouse decor is easy on the budget

One of the greatest things about a farmhouse design is the ability it gives you to stay on a budget. There are plenty of DIY projects you can do to create beautiful elements to accentuate, and complete your farmhouse bathroom, according to Home BNC. Don’t be afraid to look for items that have been refurbished, and items you can refurbish yourself. These great finds might be laying around your home, or something you find in a storage unit, at a yard sale, flea market, or tucked away in your attic. Some things you find might act strictly as a decor piece, while others may serve a purpose, such as an old mason jar, which works well as a small vase for a colorful bouquet on your bathroom counter. Or fill it with cotton balls or Q-tips. Old reclaimed wood might be a great piece of art, or transformed into a frame that houses a piece of art. Because farmhouse decor is all about creating a warm and cozy space, this means using items you find in familiar places as decorating elements will save you money you’d otherwise spend in brick and mortar stores. So keep your eyes open for those beautiful “happen-upons”. They could be right under your nose.

For more inspiring farmhouse bathroom ideas, take a look at the following 20 pictures of gorgeous examples of a farmhouse bathroom.

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