Here are Some Free Bathroom Floor Plans to Give You Ideas

Bathrooms are the most commonly remodeled room in houses all over America. Not only do bathroom renovations tend to be quicker and more cost-effective than changes to other rooms, but an upgrade to your bathroom also means an upgrade to your overall level of comfort. Especially considering the average person probably spends a decent amount of time in the bathroom each day.

But even if you’ve been wanting to renovate your bathroom, knowing where to start isn’t always easy.  Starting with a floor plan can give you a clear idea of the amount of space you’re working with and allow you to envision how you’d like things to be laid out.

Floor plans also allow you to see just how much space you are — or aren’t — working with. This way you won’t be caught off guard when trying to follow through with your renovation plans. Some additional benefits bathroom floors plans are:

  • Help ease the decision-making process of the overall design process and selecting materials
  • Decide which adjustments you’d like to make before moving forward with the project
  • Ensures the project will be completed with less hiccups
  • Can be useful to show realtors if you plan on selling/renting your home
  • Get a more accurate picture of what the end result will be

If you’re looking for inspiration that’ll help you turn the plans you have in your head into reality, you’re in the right place. Check out these free bathroom floor plans to give you ideas.

small bathroom floor plan

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Just because a bathroom is small doesn’t mean that it has to be a half bathroom. This floor plan lays out a full bathroom in a small space that still manages to be fully functional.

master bathroom floor plan

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If your home has a master bathroom, this floor plan may be the perfect one for you. Not only does it offer a full-size tub and plenty of space to move around, but with the right lighting and color scheme, a bathroom with this layout can truly shine.

bathroom floor plan with double sink

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Looking to redesign your bathroom with luxury in mind? This floor plan boasts a layout with two sinks, a full shower and a large tub and a full shower. This layout also includes a linen closet which will help the space stay organized and clutter free.

beautiful bathroom floor plan

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Did you know that different types of doors can affect the size of a room? This floor plan shows three different door options for this bathroom. If you only have a small amount of space to work with, you may want to consider a sliding door instead of a traditional door.

large master bathroom layout

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This bathroom takes a unique approach to the double sink design. Instead of having both sinks side by side, this floor plan places one sink on each side of the tub. This is a perfect layout for couples who like a little bit of personal space in their master bath.

big bathroom layout with storage space

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Is storage space one of your top concerns when thinking of your dream bathroom? This floor plan takes that into consideration by offering a built-in linen closet as well as ample shelf space. With plenty of space to store your toiletries and other items, this bathroom’s design is functional and open.

small bathroom design

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Showing two different options of the same space, the floor plan on the left has a circular tub and a sink centered on the counter. The right, however, shows a square tub and a vanity with a bit more space on one side.

half bathroom floor plan

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Only have enough space for a half bath? No problem! This floor plan shows a simple and straightforward design that is perfect for a small bathroom. Despite being low on space, this design allows for enough floor space to include some cool storage options.

detailed bathroom floor plan

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When drawing up a floor plan, you may find that including as much detail as possible helps you come up with a more accurate picture of what your space can offer you. This floor plan measures out almost every aspect of the room to provide a clearer picture.

square bath tub floor plan

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Having a large bathtub doesn’t mean you have to compromise all of your floor space. This design makes perfect use of the space it has to show an excellent example of what’s possible with the right items.

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