10 Essentials for the Perfect Mermaid Bathroom

Contrary to popular belief, mermaid-themed designs are not new. Throughout history, the myth of mermaids has always represented beauty, mysticism, and all the wonders and colors that come to mind when you think of the ocean. The design theme has a fun and delicacy to it, and it’s a great style to incorporate in any home space—even the bathroom. If you’re looking to upgrade an outdated bathroom or simply to do some redecorating, you’ll need a few mermaid essentials to make the design work. Here are 10 things you need to get if you want to have the perfect mermaid bathroom.

1. Mermaid shower curtain

Perhaps this would be the fastest design change you can do to add something mermaid into your bathroom. There are different ways you can approach a mermaid shower curtain. You can go totally literal and get a shower curtain with a mermaid image on it, just like on this article. Or you can go with something a little more abstract such as subtle mermaid scales or a mermaid silhouette. If you’re going for a specific color scheme, you can use your shower curtain as a focal point to tie it all in together.

2. Shell mirror

This is an opportunity to get really creative with your mirror. If you wish, you can even make your own. It’ll add a personal touch to your bathroom, and it’s also a fun DIY project. Shell mirrors are easy to create. You can scout local used furniture stores for an older mirror that you can refinish and add shells to. Of course, if you’re not the creative type, you can always just buy one already made.

3. Seashell sink

There are seashells that are large enough to be used as sinks, but those are difficult to find; they’ll also cost you a fortune. You can go for a ceramic shell-shaped sink, but just make sure that they don’t come off as more retro than mermaid. One way to guarantee this is to make sure that the seashell sink has a more modern or neutral color such as white or gray, or you can go with metallic or bronze.

4. Fish scale tile

If you want something truly dramatic, go for some intricate fish scale tiles. Nothing else will wow your guests (or even yourself) each time the bathroom is entered other than scale tiles. Fish scale tiles come in different sizes, and you’d have to figure out what’s right for the size of your bathroom. You can put them on parts of your walls, or you can completely cover your shower in them too.

5. Bubble chandelier

Who knew that such a thing even existed? Bubble chandeliers are fun, unique, and absolutely under-the-sea themed. You can find them with a clear or cloud surface. You can have one or you can have a couple. The end result is pretty magical. Your bathroom will look like you’ve got bubbles floating everywhere.

6. Mermaid bath mat

For this essential, you can really go with something general or something mermaid-specific. You can find shell or mermaid mats everywhere, but it might end up looking like overkill with all the other shell items you’ll likely have. Instead, you can go for a bath mat that goes with the color scheme or even with light fish scales on it. The end result would be more minimal but no less fantastic.

7. Mermaid-themed personal care items

If you’re going to display personal care products, why not have mermaid ones? This website lists several personal care products that were created for the mermaid in you. You can find bath salts, facemasks, facial treatments, and more that won’t only look good on your shelf but also make your skin feel great. Personal care products will exist in bathrooms regardless of how much you hide them. Instead of having to hide unsightly items, just get products that have incredible mermaid packaging.

8. Mermaid light switch cover

This is a detail that’s not really necessary, but its addition will complete the look of your mermaid bathroom. You can go for a light switch plate that has a mermaid on it, or you can continue a fish scale theme or shell theme. It’s a simple change too. All you’d need to do is unscrew your existing light switch cover, replace with the new mermaid plate, and screw on to secure. Every time you turn your light on or off, it’ll be one of the first things you’ll notice.

9. Sea creature towel holder

Pick your favorite sea creature, and put them up on your walls. You can find plenty of towel holders, towel racks, towel hooks, and even toilet paper holders that are designed with sea creatures in mind. Some of the more popular sea creature towel hooks include sea horses and octopuses because of their shapes, tails, and tentacles. The best ones are either cast in iron or are made out of brass.

10. Mermaid bathroom signs

You can have one or you can fill your bathroom in them. Mermaid signs are usually quirky and funny. You can really let your personality shine by displaying your favorites. You can even put one on the bathroom door just to let people know they’re about to enter a mermaid area. Some of the best mermaid signs we’ve seen had these mermaid sayings: Even mermaids take baths; secretly a mermaid; there’s a million fish in the sea but I am a mermaid; mermaid at heart; and get off my tail. If you’ve got a particular mermaid saying that’s hard to find, you can always take the extra step of creating a framed mermaid art DIY-style—or have it custom-made. Then, you’ll have a one-of-a-kind bathroom with pieces you can’t find anywhere else.

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