10 Essentials for a Minimalist Bathroom

How each person chooses to decorate their bathroom is a matter of personal preference. In most cases, people will have a similar style running throughout their home. For each interior design theme, there are some basic design rules that you should follow. If you are a fan of the minimalist style, then it is a style you will probably apply to your bathroom. It is a sleek, modern, and uncluttered look with no frills. To inspire you and help you achieve this theme, here are 10 essentials for a minimalist bathroom.

1. A White Bathroom Suite

Achieving the minimalist look in a bathroom is impossible if you have an avocado or dusky pink bathroom suite. The most important feature of any minimalist bathroom is a white bathroom suite. Replacing the bath, sink, and toilet is the most significant expense if you are renovating a bathroom from scratch. However, it is worth the expenditure as putting in a white bathroom suite will increase your property’s value, and it will dramatically improve the overall appearance of your bathroom.

2. Neutral Color Scheme

Miss Minimalist says that a neutral color scheme is essential for a minimalist bathroom. White is the most typical option for this theme, although shades of beige, gray, and cream can also work well. Another option is to go for a monochrome theme of black and white. However, try to avoid using more than two colors, or it will detract from the minimalist look you are trying to achieve.

3. Clean Lines

The minimalist look is all about clean lines in any room in your home. Forget about ornate touches and decorative finishes, as these are associated more with traditional styles. With this look, you want a bathroom suite, furniture, fixtures, and fittings that have either straight lines or smooth curves. There are plenty of contemporary designs that you can choose for your bathroom that are ideal for a minimalist interior design theme.

4. Clutter-free Surfaces

One of the most important elements of the minimalist approach to interior design is getting rid of all your clutter. Do not have all your toiletries out on shelves or surrounding your bath. With this style, you should have all your bits and bobs hidden away, leaving the surfaces clutter-free. Any clutter you have lying around will make the room look messy and detract from the minimalist style. If there are things that you use daily, such as soap, shampoo, and conditioner, then consider decanting these into attractive containers that coordinate with your color scheme. Similarly, keep your bathroom clean as this will enhance the minimalist look and create a pleasant environment.

5. White Towels

The best color option for towels is white, as they are crisp, clean-looking, and unfussy. They can also give your bathroom a spa-like feel. However, white is not the only option, but Conscious by Chloe recommends sticking to neutral colors. You should coordinate with the rest of your bathroom color scheme, but good options are cream, beige, or black. Do not have all your towels piled around the room; just leave out a hand towel on a rail and put the rest into a cupboard.

6. Limited Decorative Items

The point of a minimalist interior design style is to have as little as possible on display. Therefore, you should avoid overdoing the decorative items in your bathroom. Ideally, it is best to have only one decorative item on display. It will add interest to the room and create a focal point, without making the bathroom look cluttered. Too many decorative items will spoil the minimalist look.

7. Modern Fixtures and Fittings

The minimalist style is a modern one, so you should opt for modern fixtures. Traditional or dated fixture designs do not work with this theme. The best options for the fixtures on your bathroom suite are those that are chrome and have a contemporary design. The same applied to your choice of light fittings. Avoid fancy designs such as chandeliers and choose modern-looking light fixtures that have clean lines. You should choose a light fitting that is proportionate to the room’s size, and that is suitable for use in a bathroom.

8. Good Storage

Due to the necessity of creating a clutter-free environment for a minimalist bathroom, good storage options are vital. Avoid shelving where everything is on display, as this will make the room look cluttered. Instead, use cupboards so that everything is hidden away behind closed doors. An under-sink cupboard is an excellent option, as not only will you have all your toiletries where you need them, but it will also create clean lines around the sink area. If you have an alcove in your bathroom, it is the ideal space to use for some in-built storage for your towels and toiletries.

9. A Plain Mirror

A mirror is an item that you should include in any bathroom, regardless of your style choice. Not only is it a decorative item, but it also serves a practical purpose. Most people cannot function in their daily bathroom activities, such as cleaning your teeth and washing your face, without a mirror. Furthermore, mirrors increase the sense of light and space in a room, which is particularly useful if your bathroom is small. However, you should avoid mirrors that are overly decorative, such as ones with ornate, gilded frames. Instead, opt for a plain mirror, either rectangular or circular. Choose one that has a plain chrome or wooden frame, or one that has no frame at all.

10. Simple Flooring

According to Floor Coverings International, it is better to opt for plain flooring if you are trying to create a minimalist style, as busy patterns do not work well with this theme. Wooden flooring, neutral porcelain tiles, single-color linoleum, polished concrete, or plain marble are good options. Remember to choose practical flooring that is non-slip and will not spoil in wet conditions.

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