10 Essentials for a Craftsman Bathroom

Each person has a preferred interior design style, and this is a reflection of their tastes and personality. While some people prefer a minimalist style with clean lines and a contemporary feel, others prefer some chintz, patterns, and decorative items around their home. If you like the rustic look and want your house to feel homely, then one interior design style you may like is the craftsman style. It is a look that you can create in every room of your home, including the bathroom. Here are 10 essentials for a craftsman bathroom to help you create this interior design style.

1. Natural Flooring Materials

The most important thing in the craftsman theme, regardless of the room, is the use of natural materials, says Rocket Homes. Wood is the most common natural material used, although stone is another fantastic option. Try to use either wood or stone flooring in your bathroom. If you use wood or strip the floorboards, you should treat the wood with wax or varnishing to prevent water damage. One problem with wood and stone flooring is that it is often expensive. If it is beyond your budget, then consider ceramic tiles instead. Floor tiles are an opportunity to add some pattern to the room.

2. Warm and Earthy Colors

Color is an essential element of any interior design scheme. While many modern design styles focus strongly on white and other neutral colors, the craftsman style is about creating a warm and welcoming environment. Therefore, warm and earthy tones work best with this theme. Greens work well with this theme, as do colors such as deep red, ochre, and chestnut, says Hunker. If it is a small room, then using color on every wall can feel a little heavy and claustrophobic. Therefore, you may want to add a sense of light by using a bold color on one wall and neutrals on the other walls. If you do use neutrals, choose warm tones such as beige, cream, and taupe. Avoid using a stark white.

3. Wooden Cabinetry

A way of including natural materials in your bathroom is to have some wood cabinetry. Choose wood that coordinates with any other wood features in your bathroom. Having plenty of storage space is important in a bathroom, as you need storage for your towels and toiletries. If you have enough in your budget, have some bespoke cabinetry designed.

4. Natural Decorative Items

A further way to include natural elements in your bathroom design is to choose decorative items made from natural materials, such as wood, stone, and metal. One decorative item to include is a mirror, as this will also serve a practical purpose. Choose a traditional style mirror with a wood or metal surround. If you want to hang a piece of artwork in the bathroom, choose something that coordinates with your chosen color scheme.

5. Plants

Bringing the surrounding outdoor landscape into your home is one of the characteristics of the craftsman style. The simplest and cheapest way to do this is to add some plants to your bathroom. Doing so has the added bonus of adding a splash of color to the bathroom, thus serving decorative purposes.

6. Wood Paneling

Although tiling is an option with this theme, wood paneling also works well. Use wood paneling along the lower half of the walls or have one full wall wood-paneled as a feature wall. If you have a fitted bath rather than a freestanding bath, then have a wood-paneled section on the side. You can choose to leave the wood natural, stain it, or paint it.

7. Vintage-Style Bathroom Suite

A contemporary bathroom suite will not work with the craftsman style. The best option is to choose a traditional style or vintage suite. The only option for a craftsman bathroom is a freestanding bath. Both those with clawed feet and the more modern version that sits directly on the floor will work for this style. Choose a sink and toilet in the same style as your bath. For the wow factor, consider a freestanding copper bath.

8. Traditional Fixtures

Choosing bathroom fixtures and fittings is often one of the most challenging tasks when redesigning a bathroom due to the vast array of choices available. Avoid sleek and contemporary designs in chrome and opt for traditional options. Brass, copper, and gilded fixtures work well with this theme.

9. Add Some Pattern

Do not be afraid to use some patterns in a craftsman bathroom. One of the simplest ways to do this is to create a feature wall by adding patterned wallpaper. Avoid adding this to the wall next to the bath, as this increases the chances of the wallpaper peeling. When choosing the wallpaper, go for geometric designs, as these work well with this theme. You should also choose a wallpaper that is suitable for use in bathrooms as this will reduce the likelihood of the wallpaper suffering water damage. Wallpaper is not the only way that you can add some pattern into the room. You can also add some pattern with the addition of patterned decorative items and with the flooring.

10. Use Symmetry

An important element of the craftsman style is symmetry, and this is something to remember when planning the layout of your bathroom and choose pieces for the room. If possible, position the bath at a central point against a wall, so that there is an equal space at each end of the bath. This will give the impression of symmetry within the room. Another way to create symmetry in a craftsman bathroom is to have two of the same decorative items and place them in symmetric positions around the room. For example, choose two mirrors or pieces of art, and fix them to opposite sides of the wall, equal to the central point. Similarly, have two vases or plants on opposite ends of the window ledge.

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