20 Beautiful Examples of French Country Bathrooms

French Country Bathroom

I you love the rustic look, yet want a sense of elegance in your home, French country decor marries the two looks to give you one exquisite design theme, and it can be used in any room in the house, including the bathroom. Bathrooms are often neglected when it comes to sprucing them up and keeping them inline with the rest of the home’s decor theme. But why? Especially when you can design a beautiful French country bathroom that combines two beautiful decor ideas to create one perfect look that’s as elegant as it is comfortable and inviting. According to The Spruce, turning your bathroom into a French country retreat is not only easily done, but you will feel like you’ve stepped back into time where life was lived in a slower, more simpler fashion. Let’s take a look at some tips for giving your bathroom a beautiful French country makeover.

Natural materials

French country decor boasts natural materials galore, with wood being one of the most abundant materials you’ll find in any French country style room. From wood flooring to wood furniture pieces, ceiling beams and more, wood is a material that can not only create a more rustic look to a room, but it is a material that adds an element of elegance to any room, too.

Neutral color palette

There’s nothing overstated in a French country decor theme, especially when it comes to the color scheme you choose for the room. From the walls to the cabinetry, the tub, toilet and shower, all exhibit neutral tones and are complimentary of nature and country living. The Spruce discusses neutral tones as a way of keeping things earthy in a French country theme. Soft, muted browns and creamy whites are always one way to go, but many other hues would fit into a French country look, including soft yellows, greens, blues and even rustic reds, if a more rustic look is more of your style.

Change out the faucets

When trying to create a look in any room, little things matter. In a bathroom being given a makeover into a beautiful French country look, little things like your faucets, tub spout, and even the flush handle on a toilet can add to the look and maybe even complete it. It may take a little effort, but according to Victoriana.com getting every detail to flow is important in order to create a historicallhy correct decor theme. Shop for faucets and fixtures that match the theme and era, no matter what decor theme you’re working with. This is something many people don’t think of, and in a bathroom, it may seem like a small detail, but the right look will tie the rest of your upgrades together.

Give your bathroom French country more character

Beyond the biggest elements you’ll be tackling, like cabinetry, flooring and bathroom fixtures, adding sufficient little details to the room will really help to give your new bathroom that French country look and feel. Lighting is an important factor to this look, so doing your research on the types of lighting used before purchasing any ol’ lighting fixtures will really pay off. Depending on the amount of space, a beautiful French-style chandelier over a free-standing bathtub can really set the room off, or perhaps you have a large enough bathroom to hang the chandelier in the middle of the room to really add a sense of elegance. A set of lantern-style lights on either side of the vanity mirror, or candle wall scones are a beautiful way to accentuate this decor theme, too. Towels, wall-hanging pictures, a beautiful flower arrangement, even your bathroom rugs, should all be chosen with this decor theme in mind to help keep the look and feel flowing cohesively throughout the room.

If you are looking to give your bathroom a makeover and this is one decor theme you love, then you can gain some pretty good ideas to start your venture by taking a look at the following 20 beautiful examples of a French country bathroom. So keep scrolling.

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