15 Different Types of Bathroom Cabinets

When it comes to your home, there are a couple basic areas that make the biggest difference when it comes to its value. The three basic areas that can really make or break its value are the kitchen, bathrooms, and the basement, if you have one. These are the rooms you’ll want to really make stand out and give it your all when it comes to choosing the elements that fill it.

Bathrooms may seem insignificant to many people, but when you think of all you use it for, they really are one of the most used rooms in your home, which is why you want to make sure they not only look good, but are highly functional. One of the main elements that don both the kitchen and bathrooms are the cabinets.

They are not only focal points for these rooms, but they serve as the most functional elements, next to the counter tops. Cabinets come in a wide range of styles and it may feel a little overwhelming to choose the right ones for your bathroom, especially if you’ve never really shopped for cabinetry. But we’ll help you get to know about fifteen different types to get you started.

By the time you’ve finished reading, we’re hoping you’ll be inspired enough to choose your bathroom cabinetry and start the process of giving your bathroom a big face lift. Take a look at these 15 different types of bathroom cabinets and get ready to fall in love with the idea of new cabinets in your own bathroom.

1. Inset style cabinets

Inset cabinets are one of the most specialized, and therefore, pricey types of cabinetry. The cabinets are built to sit in the frame of the cabinet and must be cut with laser-sharp precision in order to create the most perfect fit. While they are beautiful and exemplify the most expert craftsmanship, they are also known to cutback on the amount of storage space you would get with other types of cabinetry, just for the fact they must fit into the cabinet frame differently than the typical cabinet. On the other hand, if you are look for high quality cabinets that last a lifetime, consider the inset style cabinet for your bathroom, but keep in mind, these are cabinets that are most often found in traditional and transitional style homes, as opposed to any other home decor themes.

2. Louvered style cabinets

Louvered style cabinets are designed with a slatted look, however, these are slats that are distinctively set one next to the other with a bit of ventilation between, as opposed to overlapping each other. Some homeowners prefer a bit of ventilation with their cabinets, and these are just the style of cabinets to not only give them the airiness they want, but a sense of great style. You will instantly fall in love with this style if you love the an ageless, timeless decor theme that will never grow old.

3. Metal style cabinets

Metal is a great way to achieve a retro, modern or industrial look for your bathroom. If you are into a fresh, new look for your bathroom, try adding metal style cabinetry to your bathroom and pair it with modern style lighting and accessories. You can take your bathroom into a whole new era just by upgrading to a metal themed cabinet makeover.

4. Basic wood style cabinets

Your basic wood cabinets are some of the most popular. They’re convenient, easy to find, and easy to get the look you want from your bathroom. With so many different types of wood and colors and stain choices, you can easily create the look the want for your bathroom that you will be happy with. Basic wood cabinetry is a very traditional choice for cabinetry in kitchens and baths, so if you are looking to upgrade your bathroom cabinetry and don’t want to go too far from the norm, this is a safe choice for sure.

5. Distressed style cabinets

If shabby chic or farmhouse is your favorite design style, then you’ll love the look of distressed bathroom cabinets. The distressed look is accomplished by using a specific weathering technique to give the cabinets a distressed or vintage look. Most often, this look is often complimented with large mirrors, brushed metal accessories and crystal clear lighting fixtures. Although it is a common look in farmhouse and country style homes, it’s a look that goes with many different types of decor styles.

6. Flat style cabinets

Flat style cabinets are the most popular type of cabinets. The neat and clean lines of a flat style cabinet will work with any type of home decor, from traditional to industrial. They are classic and offer an endless number of options to choose from when it comes to types of woods and finishes. You may even choose a lower cost laminate styled, flat cabinet to upgrade your bathroom with.

7. Mirrored and Mirrored-etched style cabinets

Mirrors are known to really open up a space, no matter what room you place mirrors about. One popular trend is to use mirrors as cabinet fronts, making your bathroom open, airy and modern. Actually, mirrored, or etched mirrors work well with many decor themes, such as country cottage, modern, industrial, contemporary and many others. Choose a patter for your mirror to give it an extra edge of personality or keep the mirror simple and classic.

8. Stencil patterned style cabinets

Stencils are a great way to add charm and personality to just about anything, from walls to cabinetry. Stenciling lets you choose patterns you want to see displayed on your home decor elements, such as your cabinetry. It’s crafty and appealing, and it adds a wow factor to your cabinetry. From farmhouse, to rustic, and even Italian style homes, this patterned cabinet will boost the look, charm and value of your bathrooms.

9. Beadboard style cabinets

Beadboard has been around for many years. For years, it was used to add a sense of style and detail to basic walls to make them pop. Today, beadboard can be found on other surfaces, with one of them being cabinetry. Bedboard gives the basic cabinet a beautiful, intricately detailed facelift to really make your cabinets stand out among other cabinet faces. This is a great choice for those who love the farmhouse, country cottage, and even eclectic style of decor in their homes.

10. Shutter style cabinets

Shutter style cabinets can bring a little of the outside look into your bathroom. Shutters give your windows a finished look, adding charm and character. The shutter-type pattern also looks great on other elements, such as the front of cabinets. For homes with the country chic or country cottage look, the shutter style cabinets can help bring the beautiful and relaxed look into even your bathroom, making it warm, welcoming, and cozy.

11. Shaker style cabinets

Shaker style cabinets are simple in design and are typically made of hardwood, although there are some made of veneer panels. Natural finishes are used on the wood, or if you prefer, a light stain. For those who love the look of a distressed wood, this can also be accomplished to give your cabinets a sense of wearing and age. This look adds to the appeal of this style of cabinetry, along with the added wooden knobs or handles that are so well-known to the shaker style of furniture – simple and elegant.

12. Lattice patterned style cabinets

We’re all familiar with the lattice pattern. Once most popular for donning the garden and side of the home with trailing foliage that made its way through the lattice pattern, now you can bring a little of the outdoor lattice look, into your home by incorporating it into your cabinetry fronts. Lattice gives your cabinets some personality and garden charm. It’s one way to give your bathroom a fresh, new look without getting too detailed and pricey.

13. Custom style cabinets

Custom cabinets are designed to specific requirements, typically involving the customer’s input and design ideas. Custom cabinets can be designed to fit certain criteria, from size, color, design, finish, angle cuts and more. When a customer can’t find anything pre-made that fits their style and taste, they may seek a cabinet maker who can design a set of cabinets that meet their very specific style and design ideas. Custom cabinets can be a bit pricier depending on how detailed the work is.

14. Glass style cabinets

Glass style cabinets offer a clean, classy look for your bathroom and they are versatile in that they go with many types of decor themes. When you mix certain styles with a few glass front cabinets, you can give your bathroom a whole new, fresh look. Glass front cabinets are often used for display cabinets where you want some of your finest bathroom towels and other items visual for you and your guests. If you want to add an element of a spa look and feel to your bathroom, add a few glass front glass cabinets to give your bathroom and elegant look.

15. Thermofoil style cabinets

The term thermofoil may sound like it includes a type of metal in its makeup, however, there is no metal used in these types of cabinets. Thermofoil is derived from the use of heating a vinyl material and fusing to a type of wood, typically particle board. The result is a smooth and seamless surfaces that is not only easy to clean and maintain, but lasts and lasts. You can choose from a wide variety of colors to match your decor and it will instantly transform your bathroom into a whole new look and feel.

No matter what type of cabinetry you fall in love with and want to upgrade to, new bathroom cabinets can really give your bathroom a whole new look and add a great deal of value to your home. With a little research, you are not only sure to find the perfect cabinets, but well on your way to having a new and rejuvenated look for your bathroom.

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