The Latest in Smart Bathroom Trends in 2020

Kitchens and bathrooms are two rooms in the home that can easily fall into the ‘outdated look’ category over time. Keeping up with the current decor ideas helps to keep your home looking more current with the latest style trends times, which not only makes your home feel more aesthetically appealing, but home buyers will be more apt to give your home a second look, too, when it comes time to sell. Bathrooms can be a bit tricky when it comes to what’s in and what’s out. Sometimes new trends can require bigger changes, while others may need little touches that won’t take much effort, or break the bank. Take a look at the latest in smart bathroom trends in 2020.

All-white is warming up

White and bright has been a trend many homeowners have been turning to for a while. White is one way to help brighten small, dingy bathrooms, while adding visual square footage to give a small bathroom a more spacious appeal, however, all-white can also come across as feeling a bit sterile, rather than warm and welcoming. This year, warming up those white bathrooms with warmer tones in the flooring is going to be a common sight. For a bathroom re-do, replacing white marble tiles and replacing them with something like warm, Travertine limestone tiles is a positive change for this decade, according to Elle Decor.

Be bold and unusual

There are lots of  ways you can put leave  your style ‘footprint’ in your design, and one way that’s going to be popular this new year is with the use of bold and unusual designs in tiles. Marble tiles with unusual designs can create a beautiful artsy design for walk-in showers, backsplashes, even flooring. This year, take a step outside your comfort zone and choose a tile for your boring walk-in shower and re-vamp it with a bold and unusual tile design that creates a focal area for your bathroom.

Free-standing soaking tubs

Bathtubs have been evolving over time. They have merged from plain, functional bathroom fixtures, into gorgeous works of art that make beautiful statements in bathrooms. Although they have been growing in popularity in bathroom decor, the new decade promises more bathroom designs with free-standing soaking tubs as focal points for bathrooms. There are a wide range of sizes, shapes, and even a variety of color choices to choose from to create the perfect look for your bathroom.

Tile style changes

Subway tiles are timeless. There are so many things about subway tiles that keep them coming back, year-after-year, as one of the most classic tiles used in bathrooms, from the elegant look of black and white, to green, neutral tones, and floors and walls in white. But this year, subway tiles are taking on a whole new look that takes your bathroom to a new level. According to Interior, iridescent subway tiles are coming to bathrooms this year, and they promise to give you a ‘fairy tale’ start and ending to every day. Another subway tile trend you’ll see in bathrooms this year is scaling for walls and backsplashes. This is a beautiful way to create a more textured look to the tiled spaces in your bathroom.

Visually increasing the look of small spaces

Not all bathrooms are blessed with a lot of space. Bathrooms can be constructed in small areas of a home, which means, some bathrooms can be tight quarters. No matter if it’s a small, full-bath or small half-bath, creating the illusion that a bathroom is larger than it is can be as easy as being creative with the flooring. According New Decor Trends, visually creating larger bathroom spaces is going to be a popular trend for 2020. The trick is to extend the flooring up the wall, for instance, up the wall of a glass walk-in shower. This flooring trick creates the illusion of a larger space by allowing the eyes to follow the flooring to a further point in the room. This little trick for small bathrooms visually increases the square footage of the space, making it look and feel larger.


Wainscotting has come and gone through the years, but overall, it has been a decorating idea that has stuck around in several different types of decorating, such as the rustic and cottage look. To take a material, such as distressed wood, or wood planks, and cover the lower part of the walls, is wainscotting. This year, not only is wainscotting making a comeback in general, but a new and updated look to the decorating technique is coming with it. The use of tile on walls to create a wainscotting look, is going to be a beautiful addition to bathrooms of any decorating theme. Modern bathrooms, traditional style, industrial themed, rustic, and any other theme can use this technique to create a beautiful, textured look to your bathroom walls.

Metals are still popular, and growing

Don’t throw out your metal decor items thinking that metal is going anywhere this year. Actually, metal is as popular as ever, including brass elements. Mirrors framed in brass, chrome, or brushed nickel are all going to be seen in bathrooms this year. Fixtures of all types of metal, depending on your decor theme, are beautiful ways to spice up a bathroom. And don’t forget your cabinetry. Choosing beautiful brass, brushed nickle, or other polished metal for doorknobs and handles on cabinetry can make your cabinets pop.

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