10 Essential Pieces of Country Bathroom Decor

When you are giving a room in your home a makeover, the items of décor you choose will make a significant difference to the overall look and feel of the room. Choosing the right décor is especially important if you have chosen a theme or interior design style for your room, as the décor will reinforce this style. One interior design theme that looks fantastic in a bathroom is the country style. To help you to achieve this look, here are 10 essential décor pieces for a country bathroom.

1. A Wood-Framed Mirror

A mirror is an essential décor in any bathroom. It serves a practical purpose as you can use it when you are getting ready in the morning or heading out in the evening. Mirrors are also fantastic pieces of décor to use in any room, as they create a focal point and give the room an impression of space and light. If you are aiming to achieve a country style in your bathroom, then a wood-framed mirror is the best option. A decorative mirror that has reclaimed wood is ideal.

2. Add Plants

The country theme is about bringing the outdoors in, says Country Living. One of the simplest and most effective ways to do this is to add some greenery to your bathroom. Consider adding some plants to the windowsills or shelves in your bathroom. Doing this is also a way of adding an extra splash of color to the room.

3. Natural Countertops

If you have a sink unit with a countertop or if your bathroom is large enough to add additional countertops to act as a dressing space, then choose natural materials. Some of the natural materials that are typically associated with this interior design style include wood, stone, and slate. There are some fantastic options available from stores, or you can repurpose another item made form these materials if you have the DIY skills to do so.

4. A Clawfoot Bathtub

According to House and Garden, a freestanding clawfoot bathtub is an essential piece in a country bathroom. Although this is a practical item, it also serves as part of the overall décor. A clawfoot bathtub has far more visual impact than a modern, fitted bathtub. If you are not a fan of the clawfoot style of bathtub, there are many other styles of freestanding bathtub from which you can choose. It is also worth noting that white bathtubs are not your only option. Just some examples of other types of bathtub include freestanding copper baths and baths with a white interior and a black or colored exterior.

5. Antique and Vintage Items

While many interior design themes need modern fixtures and fittings, and new pieces of décor around the room, the country look is great for those who like vintage and antique pieces. Depending on the size of your bathroom, you can incorporate some antiques and vintage items into your country bathroom in many ways. For example, in a larger bathroom, you may have enough room for an antique chair or dresser. In a smaller bathroom, you may choose some vintage decorative items to display around the room. A fantastic décor piece to include in a bathroom of any size is an antique light fitting.

6. Painted Wooden Paneling

Wood paneling looks amazing in a country bathroom. There are many styles of wood paneling you can use, including wainscoting or tongue and groove. Painting the paneling is a great way to avoid the bathroom looking too dark, and excellent color choices for this theme are white, pale blue, or gray. However, you can use any color that coordinates with your bathroom suite and the rest of your color scheme.

7. Freestanding Storage

In many modern bathrooms, there is in-built storage that helps to create clean lines and a sleek look. However, freestanding storage works much better in a country bathroom. Bob Vila says that a wooden vanity unit is a perfect option. Similarly, rustic drawers or cupboards also work well. If you have painted paneling or flooring in your bathroom, then you may choose to paint your storage unit to match. One advantage of having freestanding storage is that you can move the pieces around to change the look of the room.

8. Add Some Shelving

Decorative pieces play a big role in achieving the country style in any room in your home. One of the best ways to display your décor pieces is to add some shelving. Not only does the shelving act as a practical way of displaying various items, but it also becomes a part of the décor of the room. When choosing where to add the shelving, there are both practical and aesthetic considerations. If you are using the shelving to store toiletries, then you should ideally place the shelving close to where you will use the items. On the other hand, if the shelving is purely for decorative purposes, then you should position the shelves where you want to draw the eye to create a focal point in the room.

9. Upcycled Items

Similar to using vintage and antique pieces in your bathroom, you can also use upcycled items as interesting décor pieces in a country bathroom, as this style is not about new and pristine things. Upcycling is a process where you take an old item and transform it into something new that is either practical or aesthetically pleasing. Vessels transformed into sink bowls, ladders used as towel rails, and agricultural or industrial items turned into light fittings or unusual pieces of furniture are just some examples of how you can use upcycled items as décor pieces in a country bathroom.

10. Floral or Animal Prints

The country style is all about reflecting the natural surroundings, and using prints on the walls are a great way to do so. Choose floral prints or pieces of art that depict animals. Farmhouse animals are a fantastic option, as are birds and insects. If you choose floral prints, opt for images that complement your color scheme.

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