25 Bathroom Styles That Make A Statement


Modern, vintage, extravagant or classic – no matter what style you prefer, you can definitely find one for your bathroom in the pictures below. Bathrooms should inspire intimacy, to invite you in and spend quality time with yourself and maybe putting some order in your thoughts. Add personality to this particularly room by choosing bold colors, interesting bathtubs and sink, special lighting objects or just keeping minimalistic, for a strong impact.

Remember that small spaces can be the chic, too! Even if you just dream about the perfect bath or you’re really in need for inspiration, take a look at what others thought in order to transform the ordinary bathroom in your favorite place in the house. Some of them are really beautiful, but not so practical. Yet, some ideas are just adorable. A fireplace in the bath could be the perfect scenery for a romantic night in two. It’s important to have in mind what you want to transmit. Because a bathroom can make a statement, too!

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