How to Create the Perfect Beach Themed Bathroom

Even if you live nowhere near the coast, the beach is a fantastic source of inspiration for your interior design. Due to the links with water, it is a particularly great look for a bathroom. It is a style that can look both fun and sophisticated at the same time. If this is a style you would like to create in your own bathroom at home, then the following tips and advice will help you to create the perfect beach themed bathroom.

What is the Beach Theme?

A beach theme is a style of interior design that takes inspiration from the landscape of the beach and the surrounding area. This includes not only the sandy areas, but also the ocean, the grassy banks, the pebbles, and the cliffs. It is generally a fresh and modern look that aims to bring the outside into your home. Natural materials, such as rope, stone, and wood, are important to this style. Using the color palette you would find at the beach is also a key aspect fo creating a beach theme.

Choosing Colors for a Beach Themed Bathroom

According to Sears Home Services, you should take your inspiration for the color scheme from the colors that you would see at the beach. For example, the yellows of the sand and the sunshine, and the various shades of greens and blues of the sky and the ocean. You can also use colors from the surrounding landscape, such as the grays of the pebbles on the beach and the coastal cliffs. Many people opt for a white backdrop to which they add other colors as accents.

Beach Bathroom

Wall Options for the Beach Theme

This is a clean and fresh look that is about crisp colors and clean lines. In a beach themed bathroom, it is fine to simply add white tiling and paint any other wall areas white, and then incorporate colors in your accessories. You could also opt for white tiling in the splash areas or on the lower half of the room, and then add a bright coastal-themed color to the upper half of the walls. A further option is to add shiplap or any other form of wooden cladding to your walls. This works well with this style because it is a natural material and it creates an effect similar to the exterior of a wooden boat or the floor of a pier or boardwalk. You can even search for reclaimed wood from reclamation yards to use on your walls, says Ideal Home.

Flooring in a Beach Themed Bathroom

You can also use shiplap, wooden paneling, or reclaimed wood for the flooring in your bathroom. If you keep the wood in its natural state and simply protect it with clear varnish, you will achieve a rustic beach style. Alternatively, you can paint your wood white to keep the bathroom looking crisp, bright, and modern. If your floorboards are in a reasonable condition, then you can sand them down and either varnish, paint or stain the, Whichever type of wooden flooring you choose, it will look great in a beach-themed bathroom.

Bathroom Furniture

For many people, the choice of bathroom furniture is the biggest decision to make. The best option is to choose a white bathroom suite, and there are plenty of options available as this is the most common color for modern bathroom suites. Both modern and contemporary styles will work well in a beach themed bathroom, as will either a freestanding or a fitted bath. Your choice of faucets is a matter of personal preference, as both silver and gold-colored faucets work well with blues, greens, whites, and yellows. However, gold fittings are best suited to a traditional style, while silver fittings are excellent for modern and contemporary finishes.

Beach Inspired Bath

Beach Themed Accessories

Accessorizing your beach themed bathroom is a way to reflect your personality, have some fun with your design ideas, and to achieve the overall theme that you had imagined. Your choice of accessories will make a significant difference to the end result of the room and will decide whether your bathroom gives the impression of a coastal location in stormy weather or is better-described ad a fun family day at the beach.

Metallum Creations recommends adding wall art as a way of adding to the beach theme in your bathroom. Both nautical prints and beach scenes are interesting additions that work well with this style. For example, add pictures of yachts, the waves, a sunny beach you have visited, or an island.

Rope is a material that you can incorporate as a form of accessorizing your bathroom. This is often washed up on the beach, so you can recycle it in creative ways. Try string rope along the walls or adding it to the frame of a mirror. You can also use rope to hang interesting pieces of driftwood to your walls.

If you add some shelving to the bathroom, you can use the shelves and the windowsill to display further accessories that accentuate your theme. They are a place that you can display boat ornaments, interesting pebbles and shells you have collected on the beach, or mementos of your favorite beach holiday.

Another accessory that you should try to include is a mirror as this is a functional item that also gives your bathroom a sense of light and space. A circular mirror works well as it will give a nautical feel to a beach themed bathroom. This is an accessory that you can have a little fun with as you can accessorize the surround with rope, pebbles, or small shells to make it a unique and personalized accessory.

Beach Themed Bathrooms – The Final Verdict

A beach theme is a fun interior design style that can look smart and sophisticated. It is inspired by the beach and the coastal surroundings. The use of natural materials and colors associated with the coast are the key elements of this design theme. Wood is the predominant material used, while white is usually used as a crisp and bright backdrop to which you can add the brighter colors associated with the beach and the coast.

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