20 Beautiful Examples of Shiplap Bathrooms

Shiplap Bathroom

Your bathroom is one of the most used homes in the house. Why not make it one of the most beautiful rooms, one that will inspire you every time you start your day, end your day, and every visit to the bathroom in between. Bathrooms can be warm, cozy, and welcoming, just like your kitchen, living room and bedroom. Choosing the right decor elements to create a beautiful bathroom is what it’s all about, and one very popular element used in bathrooms, is shiplap, and it can make your bathroom walls a stunning focal point.

What is shiplap

The original use for shiplap was for construction purposes. It was commonly seen on barns, wood sheds, and other outdoor buildings, according to Designing Idea. Shiplap wood fits together with a tongue-and-groove type of application that leaves a recessed groove between the boards, which give a wall a beautiful, shabby chic, beachy theme, country-style, or a rustic look, depending on the type and colors of boards used, or how much of the bathroom is shiplapped. Because of the quaint look they provide, shiplap soon caught on as being a great decor element to be used inside homes to compliment homes outfitted in a rustic or country-style decor. It can work in just about any room, but is popular in kitchens, dining rooms, and especially bathrooms.

Half-wall installation

You can change the entire look of your bathroom using shiplap boards, and you don’t even have to cover your entire wall area to still get that farmhouse look and feel. Shiplap applied on the lower half of the walls is a similar look to beadboard, placed on the lower half of the wall. It warms the bathroom to create a cozy look and feel, without having to come out of pocket for large amounts of shiplap, or it may be just enough of the look you want. Shiplap on the lower portion of your walls can be paired with paint or wall paper on the upper portion. Choose a color that goes with your deccor theme, such as a light brown, soft blue, muted sea foam green, or a coral hue to create a beachy theme, or keep your walls a crisp white to lighten and brighten your bathroom, especially when natural light is limited.

Full-wall installation

Many bathrooms are completely outfitted with shiplap from floor-to-ceiling, and on every wall. This is a great look for bathrooms to create an entirely new look. When every wall is outfitted with shiplap, you can’t help but feeling like you’re stepping into a cozy cabin, or beach home retreat every time you step into your bathroom. When installing shiplap on a full wall, you can add your baseboards at the base of the wall where the wall meets the floor, but you may want to forgo adding crown molding to prevent shortening the visual height of the walls.

Use contrast colors in the room

Make your shiplap really stand out and be the star of the room by adding bold contrast colors to make your pristine walls pop. A boldly painted door, dark tiled flooring, dark colored cabinets or counters will really add a dramatic effect to your bathroom. A single wall that doesn’t seem to serve a purpose or looks out of place, can be used as a focal wall when it’s painted with a bold contrast color to offset the white shiplap and you add a beautiful piece of wall hanging art to give it, it’s new purpose.

Geometric shapes work well on the horizontal planks

Break up the continuity of horizontal lines throughout your bathroom by adding geometric shapes in the room. Big oval mirrors look great paired against shiplap walls, or long, or hang a pair of rectangular mirrors over the vanity to add a different dimension to the walls. Be creative with your vanity lights, too. Choose uniquely shaped vanity lights that mount on either side of the mirrors to add more character to your walls, plus, wall-mounted lights give you better, less shadowed lighting for all the tasks you preform in front of the mirror. Geometric shapes in your floor tile can also offset your shiplap boards and bring a new twist to the room.

Benefits of shiplap

Shiplap not only gives your bathroom a whole new look, but there are a lot of choices too choose from when it comes to shiplap. While many people love the look of the basic white shiplap, there are a variety of colors and textures. Shiplap comes in light pastel colors, or for a more rustic look, Family Handy Man suggests going with the latest trend, using stripped and stained wood boards to give your bathroom more of a rustic cabin look and feel.

For more shiplap ideas for your own bathroom, take a look at the following pictures of 20 beautiful examples of shiplap bathrooms.

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