The Key Characteristics of a Scottish Style Bathroom

Scotland evokes images of vast landscapes, historical buildings, and warm night around an open fire with a dram of whiskey. This country is steeped in history and tradition, so it is little wonder that Scotland has become an inspiration for interior design. The combination of sophistication and tradition of this style is something that appeals to many people, and it can add a lot of character to your home. If this is a style that you wish to replicate in your home, there are some characteristics of the style that you should try to include in your designs. Here are the characteristics that define a Scottish style bathroom.

What is a Scottish Style Bathroom?

Scottish interior design is inspired by many factors, including the cool climate, the stunning landscapes, and the rich history and culture of this amazing country. Warmth and comfort are key elements of this design style, as are using natural materials. Using pieces that reflect Scottish craftsmanship is also important, says Culture Trip. The modern take on Scottish style combines sophistication, grandeur, and tradition. The result is a home that is both visually appealing and comfortable space for relaxation. This style is ideally suited to those who want to create a warm and homely vibe in their home. The following are some of the characteristics that define the Scottish style and how you can include them in your bathroom.

Natural Materials

Like many interior design styles, the Scottish style predominantly uses natural materials. Wood is the main material used for the furniture, and this also features in wall paneling and flooring, says The Chromologist. Stone is another material that is widely used. Many Scottish homes have stone flooring or exposed stone walls. Textiles are another natural material that is used in the Scottish style, with wool and felt being the two materials most typically associated with this country. It is possible to incorporate all these materials into a Scottish style bathroom.

Scottish Colors and Patterns

In many respects, the main color palette for the Scottish design style is a reflection of the Scottish landscape. Colors include various shades of green from the grassy moors, the purples of heather and thistles, warm browns that represent the land, and the cool grays of the rocky hills and cliffs. Muted tones of these colors are the preferred option for this style. Another color that is widely used in Scottish style is red, which is the perfect option if you want to create a bolder look. There are three types of patterns associated with Scottish style. The first is tartan, which is an important element of Scottish tradition. Another is floral prints, which are great if you want to create a softer look. Finally, animal prints using the wildlife of the Scottish landscape are used. Prints or motifs of a stag or pheasants are ideal.


A common feature of Scottish homes is to include wood paneling. This is often just on the lower half of the walls, although sometimes full walls are paneled with wood. Muted colors are often used on painted areas, with bolder colors added to other areas of the room. You could consider a feature wall with wallpaper in traditional Scottish prints or in a bold color that complements the other tones in the room.


You will find three types of flooring in a traditional Scottish home, and all three are suitable for use in Scottish style bathrooms. Stone flooring is one of the most common flooring types in Scottish homes, and this is a practical option for a bathroom. The second option is wooden flooring, which is also typical of the Scottish style. Again, this is a practical option, but it has a warmer feel than stone. Tiles are the third option, and these are often found in grander Scottish homes, so they are great for making a bold statement and giving your bathroom a sense of grandeur.

Fittings and Furniture

The bathroom suite is one of the most important aspects of a bathroom, so it is essential that you make the right choice. A suite with curved lines is best as the Scottish style has a softer look than many other interior design styles. A curved, freestanding bath will make a stunning feature in a Scottish style bathroom. Choose brass fittings for the bathroom as this will add the traditional element of Scottish design. Brass is also a good option for a bathroom light fitting, and the size of the light should reflect the size of the bathroom. For any other furniture pieces you include in the bathroom, opt for individual pieces made from wood that show elements of craftsmanship.


Adding accessories to your Scottish style bathroom will complete the look and also reflect your individuality, says Amor Cashmere and Tweed. Choose accessories that complement the color scheme you have chosen for your bathroom. If you are leaving towels on display as a form of accessory, choose ones that are made from natural materials and that complement the color scheme. A mirror is a good accessory to include in a bathroom as it serves both practical and aesthetic purposes. Either brass or wood-framed mirrors are perfect. You might also like to add some artwork to the walls as interesting features. A Scottish landscape, animals sketches, and floral prints are ideal choices for this style.

Scottish Style Bathrooms – The Final Verdict

The Scottish style reflects the history and traditions of Scotland while incorporating elements of sophistication and grandeur. This style can work in any room of your home, including the bathroom. Some of the characteristics that define a Scottish style bathroom include natural materials, colors that reflect the landscapes, and patterns representing Scottish heritage. Using both modern and traditional features is also important. Combing these features creates a bathroom that is both practical and beautiful. You can personalize the space using accessories, including mirrors and artwork.

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