How to Choose the Right Art for Your Bathroom

Bathroom Wall Art

Adding art to the walls can brighten up any room in your home. Art can create interesting focal points, add a splash of color, and contribute to the general interior design theme you have chosen. Furthermore, an interesting and eye-catching piece of art can become a talking point when you have visitors to your home. Often, people restrict their use of art as wall décor the main living areas and the master bedroom. However, it can also look fantastic in your bathroom if you choose the right pieces. If you decide to brighten up your bathroom with some art, here are some things to consider that will help you to choose the perfect wall art for your bathroom.

Visual Appeal

The most important element of choosing wall art for your bathroom is the visual appeal. It is vital that you choose only wall art that is visually appealing to you as it is something that you will have to look at daily. Although the instant appeal of a piece of art is important, you shouldn’t just buy art on a whim as it is important that it has enough long-standing appeal to remain visually appealing over time. Therefore, you should take time over your decision.


According to The Spruce, the style of the art is a key factor to consider. It is important to choose something that fits with the overall style of your bathroom. There is a vast array of different interior design styles that you can choose for your bathroom, including global influences, a retro look, a traditional bathroom, or a bathroom with a contemporary vibe. If your bathroom has a neutral or generic look, then adding artwork is a way to make your bathroom lean more towards a particular style without fully committing to a specific look in the bathroom. This is a good idea if you are a little undecided as the artwork is something that you can easily change at a later date if you want to switch styles.


The size of the art is also important, says Chairish. You should choose art that is suitable for the size of the room and the wall space available. If you have a large bathroom with a large, empty wall space, then you should opt for a larger piece of art. Adding a piece of artwork that is too small onto a large wall space means that the art will get lost. On the other hand, choosing art that is too large for a small wall space will overwhelm the room. It can also give the impression of a lack of space and make the bathroom feel cluttered. One tip for choosing the right size wall art is to experiment with any existing wall art you have in your home to see how different sizes look on the wall. If you do not have any art in your home already, you can use pieces of newspaper folded to various sizes and then tacked onto the wall to experiment.


Bathrooms are often neutral until you begin to accessorize. Wall art is a fantastic way to add some color to the room. If you have a color that you want to feature in the room and coordinate it with your other accessories and soft furnishing, then you should choose artwork that predominantly features that color. Some people prefer to maintain a neutral or monochrome look in their bathroom. If this is your preference, you can still add wall art that maintains this theme. Black and white or sepia prints are ideal, as are metallic pieces of wall art.


Choosing artwork made from the right materials is important in the bathroom because of the moisture in the atmosphere, says Soakology. If artwork gets damp, it is easily damaged or can begin to develop mold. Artwork on paper is easily damaged, so these are best avoided. It is also better to choose prints than originals due to the damage risk. A good option is to choose prints on canvas, as canvas usually dries out with no problems. Another option is to have prints in frames, but you need to make sure there are no gaps between the frames and the glass. A further option is peel-off wall art that has an adhesive backing that attaches to the wall. If you choose this option, make sure you choose something that is water-resistant and suitable for use in the bathroom.

Using Multiple Pieces

While choosing a single piece of art can create a focal point in the room, there is also the option to add multiple pieces of wall art in your bathroom. You can have different pieces on each wall of the bathroom or create a gallery-style wall that features multiple pieces of art in different sizes. It is also possible to buy sets of art in various styles. One example is a single piece of art that is split over there canvases. Another example is several pieces of art of the same size that have each have a different subject but are linked by their theme. Depending on the design, you position these in a linear fashion either vertically or horizontally.

Bathroom Wall Art – The Final Verdict

Bathroom wall art is a great way of adding color to your bathroom and creating interesting focal points. It is also a good way to support your chosen interior design theme. There are multiple designs and colors that you can choose between, and it is important that you opt for pieces that you find visually appealing. It is also essential that you choose pieces made from materials that will not suffer damage from the moisture in the air and that you choose the appropriate size of art in relation to the size of the bathroom and the wall space available.

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