How to Create the Perfect Farmhouse Bathroom

When it comes to choosing an interior design style for your home, each person has differences. For those who prefer a homely and comfortable look, a popular option is the farmhouse style. This is a style that you can apply to any room in your home, and it is relatively easy to create. It is a style with which you can have a lot of fun, as you can interpret the theme in a variety of ways. If you want to adopt this style for your bathroom, here are some tips for creating the perfect farmhouse bathroom in your home.

What is the Farmhouse Interior Design Style?

The farmhouse style is one that is influenced by the features of farmhouses and by rural setting. Wood is a key element in any room that adopts this style, as is the influence of nature. Cherished Bliss says that there are several different interpretations of this style. For example, rustic farmhouse is the traditional farmhouse look that is usually associated with this style. To the other extreme is what is known as Industrial farmhouse, which is a more minimalist approach to the look. Somewhere in the middle of the two is the modern farmhouse style, which takes elements of each.

Choosing Farmhouse Style Bathroom Furniture

For most people, the choice of bathroom furniture is the most important design when designing a bathroom. It is also the most expensive element of updating this room. Most styles of bathroom suite will work well with a farmhouse style. However, the best option is probably a freestanding bath. Gold colored faucets also work well with this style. For cabinets and shelving in the bathroom, opt for either natural or painted wood pieces.

Colors and Patterns

Pastel tones and neutral colors, such as greys, whites, or creams, work best with this style. However, you do not necessarily need to use these muted tones as you can use most colors with the farmhouse style, depending on your interpretation of this interior design theme. In terms of patterns, opt for those inspired by nature and rural life, such as leaves, flowers, or animals You can add color and pattern to your bathroom on the tiles, accessories, and your choice of wall décor. It is possible to combine several different patterns and colors with this style.

The Walls of Farmhouse Bathrooms

What to do with the walls is another important decision to make when designing your farmhouse bathroom. House Beautiful recommends using shiplap on the walls, which is a type of cladding that is also seen on the exterior of properties. You can leave the shiplap in its natural state or choose to either stain or paint the wood depending on the look you are trying to achieve. Other options include tiling, paint, and water-resistant paper. If you opt to add wallpaper to your bathroom for pattern, color, and texture, it is best to wallpaper only those areas that are unlikely to come into direct contact with water. For painted walls, choose paints that leave a wipe-clean finish.

Farmhouse Bathroom Flooring

It is important that your bathroom flooring looks great, but that it is also practical for this room. You need something that will not suffer from water damage or get slippery when wet, and that is also easy to clean. Therefore, carpets are a flooring option to avoid in this room. One of the best options to use in a farmhouse style bathroom is wooden flooring. You can strip and treat your existing floorboards if they are in good condition. Otherwise, there are some fantastic wooden flooring options on the market. If you have a limited budget, there are some laminates that are specifically designed for use in bathrooms. An alternative to these is to use shiplap on the floors. Other good options for in a farmhouse bathroom are slip-resistant tiles or stone flags.

Accessorizing a Farmhouse Bathroom

Improve Net says that accessorizing the room is the most fun part of creating a farmhouse style bathroom. There are countless accessory options, depending on your personal tastes and the end result you want to achieve. An important accessory to include is a mirror, as this serves both practical and aesthetic functions. You will use it for many functions in the bathroom, it can create an interesting focal point, and it can create the illusion of light and space. For farmhouse bathrooms, a mirror with a wooden frame is the best option.

There are plenty of other accessories that you can add around the room. A wicker basket to hold your towels can look fantastic and act as a storage solution for your towels. Similarly, wooden trinkets can add to the rustic look, even if you have chosen to adopt a modern approach to the style. Wall décor can also make a significant difference in the overall look of the room. Botanical or rural prints look great with the traditional look, while strips of wood with fun quotes printed into them are ideal for a modern approach.

Finally, using plants can freshen up the room. Place potted plants on the bathroom windowsill or add some trailing plants in wicker or painted metal hanging baskets.

Farmhouse Bathrooms – The Final Verdict

The farmhouse look is inspired by farmhouses and rural life, although there are several interpretations of this style. One of the key elements of this interior design style is the use of wood, and you can incorporate this material into many aspects of the design, including the walls, the floors, and the accessories. There is a wide choice of colors and patterns that you can use to create a farmhouse bathroom, although muted tones and botanical patterns are typical choices. Adding accessories will complete the look, and it is a chance to add your personal touch to the bathroom and achieve the results that best reflect your personality and suit the style of your home.

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