20 Awesome Nautical Themed Bathroom Designs

The nautical decor theme is one of the most popular types of home decor. It’s very popular along coastal areas, but it’s also popular in homes in any part of the country, and can be a a part of your home too. If you love the idea of creating the feeling you get from the surf and sea in your home, one room this decor theme works really well in is the bathroom. The color schemes often used for nautical themes are ones that can make a bathroom look fresh, crisp and airy, and the atmosphere is a relaxing and inviting space; a perfect look and feel for any bathroom. If you are looking for some nautical theme ideas for your bathroom, here are some things you can do.

Create a nautical-influenced color scheme

When you think of “beachy” or nautical theme, there are a few colors that come to mind. Blue and white are very classic nautical colors, but many people also often think of red, sandy hues, sea foam green and shades of coral. Choosing a base color for your walls is a great place to start. Several shades of blue can be used as a bold, base color while using a secondary, such as white or cream to create a contrast to your blue. Hints of accent colors throughout the bathroom help to complete a color scheme. A shower curtain that contains your primary color along with one or two more colors can be a great way to incorporate a variety of colors to work with when it comes to choosing coordinating decorative accent pieces.

Nautical shapes for wall art

Nautical decor often involves use of specific shapes and decor elements to create the perfect eye-catching nautical themed room. A popular shape to find in a nautical decor bathroom is the common circle. The circle represents many things in a nautical design, such as, a ship’s wheel, the round windows of a vessel, and perhaps even a life ring. Hanging a selection of round mirrors is one way to express a nautical touch, or perhaps you found a beautiful red and white life ring or old ship’s wheel you want to use as wall art. Anchors are also commonly used in nautical decor as wall art, oars, and wall-hanging clocks, a timeless piece of functional art that never fades.

Add decorative touches

Here’s where your personal touches and style preference can intertwine to let you have some fun. With so many oceanic and nautical elements, you’re sure to find the perfect pieces for your bathroom to create the nautical bathroom you’ve always dreamed of. Here are some elements you can incorporate into your nautical theme; a rope-style towel holder, a variety of nautical knots framed and hung as wall art, seashells arranged in a display case or a glass bottle full of sand, a shadow box displaying beautiful pieces of coral, a sand and seashell candle votive, and a shell-studded vase or pot holding a beautiful floral arrangement or plant. You may want to incorporate the elements of fish or starfish in a creative way in your decor theme, but the ideas and options are practically endless.


Of course you want the lighting in your bathroom to be functional; it’s the room where you need to be able to see to do a lot of different tasks for getting ready and ending your day. Vanity mirrors are often shadowed or glared by overhead light fixtures which makes this a great area to add your own source of lighting that gives you a better view, and with the right selection of lighting, you can create a more nautical feel to the room. Consider hanging nautical lanterns over your vanity or adding a caged bath lights over your vanity mirror. There are a wide variety of styles of nautical light fixtures to choose from, including standing table lamps and wall sconces.

If you are ready to give your bathroom a nautical makeover and want to get some great ideas for your bathroom, take a look at the following 20 awesome nautical themed bathroom designs to help inspire you.

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