The Top 10 Trending Bathroom Designs in 2019

Bathrooms are often forgotten about when it comes to giving them a decor theme, or renovating them and keeping keeping them fresh and up-to-date with the latest decor ideas. Let’s face it; bathrooms aren’t the easiest when it comes to renovating or updating. It seems like so much work, but when you know what’s trending in bathroom decor, it can make it easier for you to decide what you want to update and bring it into a more current look. To help you get started, here are the top 10 trending bathroom designs in 2019 that may appeal to you.

1. Exposed pipes

Exposed hardware was something that was often seen in older homes, and not just as a decor trend, but it was simply the way homes were built and construction completed. Today, this look is referred to as the “Industrial look” and it has become a popular way to design homes and businesses. Exposing a home’s basic materials, such as brick, pipes, metal and other elements, gives a room an interesting and charming appeal. The look may have started years ago and wasn’t due to a particular decor design, but today, it’s one of the most popular and allowing your sleek and eye-catching pipes shine in your bathroom is one way to bring your bathroom up-to-date.

2. Mirrors make statements

One thing every bathroom needs is a good mirror. You use your mirror every day to prepare yourself for the day and therefore it is definitely a functional element of your bathroom, but it doesn’t have to be so basic that it doesn’t do more than just take up wall space. Mirrors have become more geared to be a part of your home decor than just functional wall pieces so that you can use them to make a statement in any room. When it comes to renovating your bathroom for a 2019 face lift,  Housebeautiful suggests finding a mirror that makes an impact and creates a beautiful focal point.

3. Visually enlarge a small bathroom with this trick

Small bathrooms can be hard to decorate due to little space to work with. It may seem like everything you try either makes the bathroom seem smaller, or it doesn’t impact the small space at all. Well, here’s one way to visually enlarge a small bathroom without doing more than adding large print to your walls. Whether you wallpaper or paint a design on your walls, make the the design an explosion of artistry that really stands out. Larger print on a small wall can really add dimension and visually enlarge the space while adding a beautiful, eye-catching artsy design.

4. Neutral tones still prevail

Neutral tones have long been a go-to decor design palette for homes. Neutral tones can make a room look and feel warm and welcoming, and to take it a step farther, Elle Decor suggests following a monochromatic theme that follows the use of one color or the same type of material throughout the whole space. Shades of gray, white, silver, or any other color you choose, make it flow from end-to-end, the same as choosing a particular material and making it the primary element in your bathroom. It’s a sleek, modern look, and it’s trending now in 2019.

5. Metals are trending to gunmetal and pewter this year

For years, brass or gold fixtures were the metals of choice in most bathrooms. They are still out there and still a popular choice, but not as popular as other metals, like brushed nickel, and now, gunmetal and pewter are being added to list of popular metals for bathrooms this year. They’re soft and sultry and don’t stand out so much that your fixtures are all you notice. Gunmetal and pewter marry well with many decor themes, and according to Elle Decor, they aren’t as quite as harsh as something like all black, which is another 2019 trend to look at.

6. All black

As mentioned, all-black is one of the trends for bathrooms that had at one point, fell off the grid, but it’s back and it’s very black. The all-black theme gives your bathroom an inviting spa-like look and feel, just the same as an all-white can. But black can be smoldering hot for those who love the look of rich, bold colors in their home, and it can be the perfect color choice for a smaller sized bathroom where you can easily embrace every inch of space with the boldness of black.

7. Sherbet is cool

There are many colors that are trending this year and cool shades of sherbet is just one of them. There’s something about the frosty colors of sherbet that liven up anything it dons, from flooring to fixtures, walls and decor items. Shades of sherbet may remind you of eras gone by, and that’s because they were highly popular in the 1930’s, but they’ve made a comeback, according to Livingetc, and they pair perfectly with gold tones and and brass-ware fixtures.

8. The natural look of wood

The natural look of wood has always been an inviting and sophisticated look. It is often used in a rustic design theme, but it can bring out the best in many other designs as well. Using lots of wood elements in your bathroom can bring an outdoorsy, natural look to your bathroom that is warm and welcoming, and when used in certain ways, it can create a natural spa-like look and feel. So whether you use all-natural wood planks for your floor or ceramic tile that resembles real wood, all that matters is you flank your bathroom with the natural beauty of the element to give it a beautiful face lift for 2019.

9. Subway tiles are here to stay

Subway tiles have long been found in bathrooms and kitchens alike. As one of the most popular tile choices for counters, backsplashes, floors, showers and more, these beautiful tiles are not going anywhere, and as a matter-of-fact, they are changing for the better. While subway tiles have been known to be versatile in their look for years, they are becoming even more so, now. Subway tiles are getting new shapes and sizes these days, which means that you can virtually tile every surface in your bathroom to create a beautiful look that fits your style and budget.

10. Go with a ledge instead of vanity

Vanities have always been a basic element in the bathroom. They’re the counter space that allows you to put your personal items on it to get ready for your day or night, and the larger the vanity, the more space you had to work with. Large vanities are great but can really give your bathroom a bulky look. If you love a clean, sleek look, consider a ledge vanity that doesn’t consume visual space with bulky cabinetry below. Ledge vanities are a trending bathroom makeover must if you want to your bathroom’s look, sleek and modern in 2019.

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