20 Rustic Barn-Style House Ideas for Inspiration

Rustic home décor is one that is often used by those who love the idea of bringing the look of nature into the home. It’s a more natural look, and one that most people associate with the western, or country style of living. One of the most popular materials used in the rustic look is wood. Wood is a very versatile material and can be used for many purposes, from flooring, on ceilings, furniture, light fixtures and more.

It’s durable and stylish, it can be purchased in a range of types of wood, and with different finishes. One of the best features of a rustic style home is the feeling of genuine ruggedness you get when you walk in the home. If you love the look of rustic barn-style décor and want to incorporate the look into your home, here are some ideas to help get you started.

The use of wood

Since wood is one of the most natural and most popular materials used in the rustic décor theme, consider wood as your prime floor cover to give you a broad base of a natural look. To add to the classic barn style country look, wood beams are a great way to bring more of the rustic country style into the room, such as a living room, bedroom, or throughout the home. For a rustic cabin feel, wood paneling can create a perfect, cabin-in-the-woods look and feel, not matter where your home is. Light your room with stylish wooden light fixtures or adorn your fireplace with a mantel constructed out of aged or weathered wood that adds a look and feel of old country to your room.


Wood furniture is a popular look for rustic style homes. Typically, rustic style furniture is chunky, hearty and basic in appearance, as opposed to dainty, more detailed and ornamental looks of other styles. It is functional and sturdy and is often mixed with other natural materials, like leather and metals. Your furniture choices can be unique in design, like an old tree trunk coffee table, or a traditional wood-planked coffee table.


When it comes to choosing colors for a country style, color choices tend to follow a natural palette. Neutral browns, tans, white, duck egg blue and canary yellow are popular choices. To bring a more traditional rustic barn style look to the home, deep, rich colors are often used, such as black, dark reds and burgundies, burnt orange, tan, deep, rich browns, cream, grays, among others. Mix and match textures and colors to bring a natural rustic appeal to your room and home.

The idea behind the rustic home design is to create a look that is relaxed and homey. It is not a design that boasts pristine or perfect, by any means. Explore ways to incorporate restoration into old pieces of worn furniture to create a unique look, all its own. Old wagon wheels can be refurbished for wall décor pieces, or turn one into an exclusively designed chandelier.

Vintage stores and other old antique shops can carry old gems that can be refurbished to fit your style and design theme. Be creative and start to see the beauty and possibility in the old, the worn, and the minimalist side of decorating and you can create a beautiful rustic barn style home that feels warm, homey, and welcoming. For more inspiration, here are 20 rustic barn-style house ideas for inspiration.

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