20 Beautiful Examples of The Craftsmen Bungalow Style Home

The Bungalow style house originated in the Bengal region of South Asia. The Bungalow style of home became popular after the First World War and has really boomed with home owners over the recent years. There are a lot of features about the Bungalow that are appealing to homeowners. Their unique designs are recognizable no matter the overall size or individual details given to the home, which include verandas and the low-rise look and feel to the home.

Although the most common Bungalow style home is a one story construction, they can also be found in two-story homes, which typically have dormer windows and a sloping roof as part of the design. If you have fallen in love with the Bungalow style home and want to learn more about this unique home design, here is more of what you will find

Bungalow styles

There are multiple types of Bungalows that are popular, and each have their own unique features that appeal to different people. The most common styles of Bungalows, and when they first appeared, include:

  • California Bungalow (1921)
  • Craftsman Bungalow (1929)
  • Cape Cod (1947)
  • Modern (1926)
  • Prairie Style (1907)
  • Mission (1914)
  • Tudor Revival

Why they are so loved

To many people, the Bungalow style home means owning a piece of the American dream. These homes are known to have unique styles and features that makes them stylish, convenient, they are of sound construction for long lasting homes, great plumbing, and yet they are simple and not overly stated. These style homes give families much more than just a basic shelter, but they create a whole lifestyle for families.

Decorating tips

Often times, room sizes and square footage can be on the small size in a Bungalow, and with the lower set ceilings, it can encourage the visual shrinkage of space. For many, these are cozy features that are appreciated in a living room, or other rooms, but if you are one who wants to enlarge the look and feel of a small Bungalow-style room, you can by trying a few of these decorating tips that will visually increase the look and feel of small Bungalow spaces.

  • Furniture – Keep furniture scaled to size of the room and don’t overcrowd. For more seating options, try facing two sofas together with a coffee table set between them as both a way of completing the look, and functionality purposes. Light colored fabrics for the sofas help to brighten the space.
  • Add visual square footage to the height of the room – One way to gain a sense of higher ceiling lines is to hang a set of curtains over your windows, higher than the top of the window. Longer hanging curtains that stretch closer to the top of the wall will make the windows seem longer and the ceiling level, higher. Striped wallpaper throughout the room are another way to gain visual height in low lying ceiling rooms.

Have fun with colors and design choices for your Bungalow. Color choices can go from patterned, to solid shades and a mix of each. Play off of the unique Bungalow style design features your home displays, wood beams, stone fireplace, pillars that separate rooms, whatever your home’s features are, work with them to help you come up with a unique décor that compliments both your lifestyle and your home’s best features.

Here are 20 beautiful examples of the Craftsman Bungalow style home for you to view.

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