Check Out David Spade’s New $14 Million Mansion

David Spade Home

Actor David Spade is living high on the hog in his new $13.85 million mansion. We recently learned that the actor just closed the deal on a new pad that is located on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles. This is a step up for the veteran actor who is known for his portrayal of the iconic character Joe Dirt. Spade has come a long way and has achieved great success throughout his long and storied career in film and television.

David Spade Home

Spade just stepped up his game

David Spade is a beloved funnyman who has appeared in numerous SNL skits through the years. He also served as a late-night talk show host, and appeared in numerous television series and films including “Joe Dirt,” “Rules of Engagement,” “Tommy Boy,” “Just Shoot Me,” and several others. Fans will be thrilled to hear the news that he has just acquired a new home in the form of a $13.5 million mansion on the Sunset Strip. The closing is all complete and he just took possession in October of 2021. We can imaging that the moving trucks are busy providing furnishing for his spacious new digs. This is a step up for David, who previously purchases a mansion in West Hollywood for a price of $2.325 million, according to Architectural Digest. It was a Spanish-style bungalow in West Hollywood. His former home was built in the 1920s and was recently renovated with three bedrooms, three baths, and 2,197 square feet of living space. It was a beautiful and stylish home that he purchased in 2020, but after a year, Spade realized that he was ready to upgrade to a larger and more extravagant home.

David Spade Home

What his upgrade is like

According to Dirt, David Spade’s new home was built in 2020 under the direction of architect George Kurczyn. Spade has moved up from a home of 2,187 square feet to an amazing 11,300 square feet. The mansion features 6 bedrooms, three half bathrooms, and 8 full baths. It’s situated on a lot of .43 acres. The actor is known for his comedic talents, but he got serious and down to business when he negotiated on the deal for this home. No need for fans to worry because Spade has brought home his share of the bacon. He’s had more than a few box office biggies including the 2010 film with Adam Sandler “Grown Ups,” which grossed nearly $300 million, and “Hote Transylvania,” the 2012 animated feature that grossed more than $350 million. David Spade is an A-list star who is paid well for his work. Spade is slated to appear in another television series that has not yet been titled, which will only add to his incredible net wealth.

David Spade Home

Outstanding features of David Spade’s new mansion

There is too much to list without going on for hours, but with an overview, we can tell you that Spade is living in the lap of luxury. At the age of 57, his new home is an absolute showstopper that towers high above the homes in the neighborhood to give him full views of the city beneath. The home is brand-spanking new and David Spade is its first owner and occupant. The original asking price for the mansion was $15.45 million, but Spade’s representatives negotiated a lower price of just under $14 million. The home is a modern style that has a warm and intimate interior vibe with an indoor-outdoor appeal that most Californians are accustomed to. There is a lot of glass to provide sweeping views of the city beneath with a steel staircase, and a handy elevator to move quickly over the three stories of the mansion. Of course, it has a gated motor court with a front door that could accommodate Lurch from the Addam’s Family easily at ten feet in height. The floors at the entrance are made of Turkish limestone with accent walls of stone and marble. the home is fully automated with the most modern conveniences and a state-of-the-art system. The living and dining rooms are combined in a hotel ballroom configuration with a two-way fireplace anchoring each end. Glass doors open to lead to the grass-covered landscaped yard and the attached swimming pool. The kitchen also opens into the yard with a dining terrace for intimate meals and lounging and a built-in barbecue. The home also features a second kitchen that is fully equipped for catering with its private service entrance for staff, complete with a bedroom and bath for their private needs. The lower level of the home features a wine cellar with a 1,200 bottle capacity. Other nifty features include a bar and a club room, a home theater, a panic room that has a built-in bathroom, and a private guest suite. It’s a three-level dream home that is well-deserved.

David Spade Home

Final thoughts

David Spade has kept us entertained for years, as one of the funniest and most endearing comedians of our age. He has a funny side and it seems to come naturally for him, but we’ve also seen his serious side. He’s a robust and versatile actor who has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, yet he remains humble and dear to the hearts of his fans. We’re all excited to see him moving up into a luxurious new home. Spade has done so much to make us laugh that those of us who make up his adoring fan base is happy to see that he is moving up in the world and enjoying some of the very best things that life has to offer. He’s reaping the fruit of his hard work during the early days when actors struggled to make it in the comedy scene. He has paid his dues like so many other actors, and now it’s time for him to experience the fullness of his hard work, put in another day, and come home to what most of us would consider a fantasy home.

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