Check out Gal Gadot’s New $5 Million Oceanfront Malibu Penthouse

Despite the obstacles created by COVID, ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ managed to generate an impressive $85 million at the worldwide box office during its opening weekend. Following on from its success, its star, Gal Gadot, has treated her already expansive property portfolio to a new addition. According to Variety, the star shelled out just over $5 million for a cozy two-bedroom, three-bathroom, 2,000-square-foot condo in celeb-packed Malibu. Set just a short hop, skip, and a jump from the legendary Nobu Malibu, Gadot’s new penthouse is the former home of Thai philanthropist and former Miss Universe, Bui Simon. Simon acquired the property several years before her marriage to billionaire real estate developer and Indiana Pacers owner, Herbert Simon. Bought in 1994 for the comparatively tiny sum of $850,000, Simon has pocketed over $4 million on her initial investment. Despite the outrageous price tag, no one is going to argue that Gadot’s new home isn’t a beauty, nor that its idyllic setting isn’t lust-worthy. Check out Gal Gadot’s new $5 million oceanfront Malibu penthouse for yourself as we go through the keyhole at one of Malibu’s most stunning properties.

Welcome to Malibu

$5 million may seem like a huge price to pay for what essentially amounts to a 2 bedroom condo, but as Dirt comments, this isn’t any ordinary condo. Gadot’s new property is one of four units in a super-exclusive gated complex in one of Malibu’s most prestigious sections. With two deeded off-street parking spots, a spacious patio, airy interiors, and breathtaking ocean views, it’s a stunning addition to Gadot’s already extensive property portfolio (and one that certainly justifies the $1,240 per month in HOA dues she’ll be forking out). None of the three remaining units in the complex are currently owned by celebrities, but the surrounding area has long been a favorite among Hollywood’s elite. Charlize Theron, Lady Gaga, Minnie Driver, and Goldie Hawn all own properties nearby, as do Jack Nicholson, Halle Berry, Julia Roberts, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Edward Norton, just to name a few. Sprinkled with trendy eateries and designer boutiques, fronted by a gorgeous beach, and offering relaxed, laid back living, Malibu’s real estate market can command big prices for a reason.

The New Penthouse

Even leaving aside the beauties of its location, Gadot’s new penthouse is a delight. Boasting light, airy interiors, rustic tile flooring, and a large patio overlooking the ocean, the seaside condo is tucked far enough out of sight to afford exceptional privacy. Venture inside, and you’ll be greeted with a neutral interior of muted hardwood floors and crisp white walls. A huge skylight floods the already bright rooms with natural light. A step-down living room boasts a cavernous fireplace and a dramatic floor to ceiling wall of glass that opens onto a spacious, tiled balcony with awe-inspiring ocean views. Adjoining the living room is a small, slightly quaint kitchen with granite countertops, warm-toned cabinetry, and a good selection of stainless steel appliances. A formal dining room leads away from the kitchen while a comfortable family room with plush beige carpeting and cozy furnishings sits to the other side. The condo’s two-bedrooms feature slightly dated wall-to-wall beige carpeting but come with the benefit of spacious ensuite bathrooms, one of which features a built-in soaking tub and a bidet.

The Portfolio

The Malibu penthouse may be Gadot’s lastest purchase, but it’s by no means her first. She and her husband, Tel Aviv real estate developer Yaron Varsano, own several properties both in Isreal and the US, including a mansion in the Hollywood Hills bought in 2017 for the princely sum of $5.6 million. Until recently, the couple also owned and ran Varsano Hotel in Tel Aviv, which they sold in 2015 to billionaire Roman Abramovich for roughly $25 million.

The Owner

Gal Gadot is an Israeli actress, producer, and model. She first found fame at the age of 18 when she won the crown at Miss Israel 2004. After that, she served 2 years of compulsory national service in the Israel Defence Forces as a soldier before enrolling at the IDC Herzliya college to study law and international relations. During her studies, she continued building her acting and modeling portfolio. In 2008, she auditioned for the role of Camille Montes in the James Bond film ‘Quantum of Solace’. Despite losing the role to Olga Kurylenko, she made enough of an impression on the casting director for him to ask her to audition for the role of Gisele Yashar in ‘Fast & Furious’, the fourth installment in the Fast & Furious franchise. After successfully winning the role over 6 other actresses, the film gave Gadot her first taste of international stardom. She subsequently went on to reprise the role in several further installments of the franchise, including ‘Fast Five’ (2011), ‘Fast and Furious 6’ (2013), and ‘Furious 7’ (2015). She’s since said that her military history helped her prepare for the films, in which she’s reported to have performed all her own stunts.

In 2016, Gadot was cast in the role of Diana Prince/ Wonder Woman in ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’. In 2017, she revised the character in the solo movie ‘Wonder Woman’ and the ensemble piece ‘Justice League’. In December 2020, ‘Wonder Women 1984’ was theatrically released by Warner Bros, grossing $85 million worldwide during its opening weekend. After Warmer Bros made the movie available to be streamed digitally on HBO Max, it became the most-watched straight-to-streaming title of 2020. In addition to her movie career, Gadot has also led numerous international campaigns as a model for the likes of Captain Morgan, Gucci, Miss Sixty, Castro, Huawei, Jaguar, and Vine Vera. She’s also graced the covers of Cosmopolitan, Entertainment Weekly, UMM, CleoBride Magazine, Fashion, Lucire, and FHM. In 2020, she took over from Jennifer Aniston as the pitchwoman for Smartwater.

Thanks to her prolific modeling and acting career, Gadot now ranks as one of the highest-paid actresses in the world, with Forbes placing her at number three (just below Sophie Vergara and Angelina Jolie) on their round-up of the best-paid actresses of 2020. According to the outlet, Gadot is currently worth $31.5 million, a figure that was bolstered by her $20 million pay day for ‘Red Notice’. Gadot has been married to real estate developer Yaron Varsano since 2008, having met him two years before at a party organized by mutual friends. The couple shares two daughters, Alma and Maya. Having previously run the Tel Aviv boutique hotel, The Versano, they now co-own and run the production company Pilot Wave.

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