Check Out Mel Simon’s $25 Million Mansion in Carmel, IN

Mel Simon was a businessman and film producer who was born in New York City in 1926. He began his career as a shopping center leasing agent, before forming his own leasing company in 1959 with his younger brother Herb Simon. Two-thirds of Herb, Melvin Simon & Associates was owned by Mel Simon. By 1967, the brothers had owned and operated over three million square feet of retail property, and this led to them expanding nationally. Their older brother, Fred, joined the company, which then went public in 1993 and was renamed the Simon Property Group. In the 1970s, Mel Simon expanded his business interests when he began producing films, although Simon later admitted this was a big mistake as he lost millions. However, his property company’s success meant that despite the financial losses, he was still a wealthy man. Along with his brother Herb, Mel Simon bought the NBA franchise the Indiana Pacers in 1983. Mel Simon jointly owned this team with his brother until he died in Indianapolis in 2009. At the time of his death, Wikipedia says that his wealth was estimated at $1.3 billion. His wealth meant that he could live in luxurious homes, and one of these was in Carmel, Indiana. It is this property that is now for sale, and it is listed for $25 million.

An Overview of Mel Simon’s Former Home

Mel Simon’s former home is in Carmel, Indiana. Carmel is a wealthy suburb of Indianapolis that was once listed as one of the best places to live in the United States, says Home Stratosphere. There are plenty of things to see and do in this area, and it has a small-town charm. Although it is in a quiet area that is surrounded by countryside and offers privacy, it is conveniently located within easy traveling distance of the local amenities. It takes just minutes to travel from this house to downtown Indianapolis, where there is a vast array of shopping, restaurants, attractions, and entertainment venues. Built in 1999, the estate is called Asherwood. It is a fabulous property offering a vast living space, plenty of guest accommodation options, and beautiful grounds. For the price tag of $25 million, this luxurious house and its grounds are now ready for a new owner.

Inside the Mel Simon’s Luxurious Former Home

Inside Mel Simon’s former home, there are almost 42 thousand square feet of living space and accommodation. The expanse of the house is quite outstanding. It is divided into formal rooms, bedrooms, and rooms for leisure. One of the most impressive rooms in the property is the grand dining hall. This room has wood-paneled walls and a wood floor that is nearly all covered by a huge rug. There is a coffered ceiling with ornate detail, and chandeliers hang around the room. The enormous banquet table has seating for 26 people, so it is the perfect space for hosting large dinner parties. The main living space has the same style as the dining hall, with wood floors and walls, and coffered ceilings with chandeliers. It is divided into different seating areas, and there are large windows with heavy drapes.

This house boasts seven bedrooms, of which the largest is the master bedroom. There are also 16 bathrooms throughout the house. Therefore, there is plenty of living space for a large family or accommodating groups of guests. Of course, the master bedroom has an ensuite bathroom. The master suite is on the ground floor of the property, and there are double doors leading out to the gardens. Currently, the bedroom boasts an ornate four-poster bed. Silver and cream are the predominant colors used, and there are many ornate details in this room. There are also many rooms in this house that allow the homeowner to enjoy a variety of activities. For example, there is a theater, a billiards room, an indoor pool, and a professional gym with three televisions. An interesting room within the property is a large library that is also suitable for use as a home office. While the lower sections of the walls have wood paneling, the higher section has in-built shelving filled with books. The library also has a seating area for relaxing and a large table by the large window for dining or to use for reading or as a workspace.

The Exterior of Mel Simon’s Impressive Golf Estate

It is the exterior of Mel Simon’s home in Carmel that makes it stand out from other luxurious properties on the market. One of the best features of the grounds is the private 18-hole golf course, which makes the house ideal for golf enthusiasts. The grounds also feature manicured lawns and landscaped areas. Mature trees surround the property. The trees add to the beauty of the surroundings, and it also gives the property a sense of privacy. There is a sweeping drive to the property, leading to two circular courtyards: one in front of the main residence, and the other by the guesthouse. Pathways also run throughout the grounds, so the homeowner and their guests can take a stroll to admire the outdoor space that comes with this property.

Other Structures on the Property’s Grounds

Although there is plenty of space to accommodate guests in the main residence, there is also guest accommodation with the grounds. The guest house sits next to the property, and it offers six thousand square feet of living space and accommodation for guests. Having this guest house means that the homeowner can invite guests to stay while retaining their own privacy. The guesthouse is not the only structure on the grounds. According to Top Ten Real Estate Deals (, there is also an eight thousand square foot golf maintenance building and a seven thousand square foot clubhouse. Furthermore, there is a huge greenhouse and additional maintenance buildings that total 12 thousand square feet.

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