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Steve Wynn is a businessman and art collector. He predominantly focuses on the American luxury casino and hotel industry, although he has other real estate interests. He inherited a bingo company following his father’s death, then moved his family to Las Vegas where he constructed then operated several notable casinos. According to Wikipedia, he also constructed luxury casinos and hotels in Atlantic City. Wynn’s career has led him to become a billionaire, even though he stepped down from his role as the CEO of Wynn Resorts in 2018 amidst sexual misconduct allegations, all of which he has denied. His wealth means that he can afford his pick of luxurious properties anywhere in the world, although his main residence is an unusual home Las Vegas, close to many of his business interests.

An Overview of Steve Wynn’s Las Vegas Mansion

Steve Wynn’s Las Vegas property is a stunning and expansive home over two levels that combines European sophistication with Las Vegas fashion. It is an unusual property as it is more than just a home. The property, which is aptly named ‘Museo’, is both a mansion and a museum that houses the homeowner’s impressive art collection. Some of the works of art include Picasso’s ‘Women with Beret and Collar and Jacqueline, for which he paid $105 million, and Rembrandt’s ‘Man with His Arms Akimbo’. For the latter, Wynn paid $33.2 million, which was an auction record figure for a work by Rembrandt.

Located on Billionaire’s Row in Las Vegas, this property sits by a luxury golf resort, so it is ideal for golf enthusiasts. The house is part of a secured community of luxurious properties owned by the rich and famous. Wynn paid $13 million for the property in 2018, and he has since spent $16 million renovating the home to suits his tastes and needs. He retained the European style of the two-story property but enhanced the outdoor lifestyle elements. According to Fox Business, Steve Wynn has a net worth of approximately $3.1 billion. Therefore, the $25 million list price for his Las Vegas home is a mere drop in the ocean in terms of his wealth.

Inside Steve Wynn’s Mansion

Top Ten Real Estate Deals says that Steve Wynn’s home offers 13,500 square feet of living space. During the renovations of the property, Steve Wynn tried to create the perfect entertaining space for when he had his high-profile friends around. Some of these include President Trump and various Fortune 1000 CEOs. The kitchen was one area of focus during the renovations. The huge chef’s kitchen features a range of high-end double appliances. There is also a large butler’s pantry that adds a second kitchen to the property.

Throughout the property, there are various family, socializing, and working spaces. These include a family room with a wine closet, a media room, a den, and his and hers executive offices. All the rooms int his mansion feature glided doors, mohair covered walls, silk carpeting, and elegant finishes. One the second story of Steve Wynn’s luxurious home, there are six bedrooms and nine bathrooms. The humongous and luxurious master suite boasts a hair salon, a dressing room, and his and her bathrooms. This means that there is plenty of space for a family to live at this property, and enough accommodation to have friends and family over to stay, with no worries about long queues for the bathroom.

In one wing of the home, there is a caretaker’s apartment and a caretaker’s office. This wing also houses a laundry room and a full gym with a wet bar. Furthermore, there is an integrated double garage with arched entryways, skylights, and climate control. Those who are concerned about home security will have no worries at this property. As an avid art collector with pieces by artists including Rembrandt and Picasso, Steve Wynn had many top-of-the-range security features fitted during the renovations.

At the first sign of smoke, a gas suppression system kicks into action. In the hallway that features an art display, there are automatic doors that drop out of the ceiling and then lock immediately in an emergency. To the exterior of the property, there are infrared cameras that track everyone’s movements.

The Exterior of Steve Wynn’s Mansion

To the exterior of the property, the house is just as impressive as it is inside. There are extensive grounds covering 1.5-acres that include gardens that boast palms and Italian Cypress trees. From the gardens, there are impressive views of the La Madre Ridge Mountains and the Las Vegas Country Club golf course. The grounds surrounding the property are also the perfect space for leisure and entertainment. One of the most impressive features is the four-tier fountain, which sits in the European-style outdoor plaza. Other features include a heated outdoor pool, a spa, and a Roma gazebo. These features mean the property is fantastic for enjoying an outdoor lifestyle, and also for outdoor entertaining. An unusual feature of this property’s exterior is that it has its own power plant. This can run the power at the large property for up to 36 hours at a time.

The Real Estate Listing

Steve Wynn has now listed his luxurious property for sale, and the listing agent is Ivan Sher of The Ivan Sher Group. It is listed with a hefty price tag of $25 million. If you can afford the list price, then this property has a lot to offer. Due to the size of the property and its indoor and outdoor features, it will suit either a family who needs a lot of space or someone who enjoys entertaining guests in their home. The location means this luxurious mansion will also appeal to those who enjoy spending their days on the golf links and their evenings in the casinos.

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