The 10 Best Home Security Systems on the Market Today

Your home is your biggest investment, and your family is everything to you. Protecting everything that is yours, is top priority and it requires a good security system to make sure that you and your belongings are safe. The security system business has been booming over the years, with more and more homeowners realizing that it is one of the best way to help prevent break-ins and robberies. Today you will find a wide range of security systems, from the basic home security system, to big, more elaborate security systems that can do everything imaginable to protect your home. Choosing the right company and system is important for your family’s safety, the security of your personal belongings, and your peace of mind. You also want the best security you can get for a price that you can afford. So how do you know which systems are the best and which one is right for you? Read on to learn about the top ten security systems on the market today.

10. MONI Security

MONI has a very high ranking when it comes to customer service. They have awards for their performance and they continue to work hard to get more and more people protected under the MONI security system. They have three total packages , from the basic “core” package, to the mid grade “connected” package, and the ultimate, “comprehensive” package, which allows you to have all of the features they offer, including home control from your smart phone or tablet. You get all that is in the core package, plus video and device control over lights, locks, thermostat and garage door. MONI has great prices for monitoring and you can find the package that best works with your home and needs. It’s one of the best security systems and in customer service.

9. Protection 1

Choose from four packages for monitoring your home, that range from $29 a month, to $49 a month. The latest technological devices are installed to give you the ability to keep your home safe and secure while at home and away, The newest technology allows for home interactive controls to make sure you can control such things as your thermostats, lights, garage doors, door locks and more. You can activate and deactivate your system from anywhere on your phone or iPad and even take video footage around the house to keep a direct eye on your property with the installed cameras placed strategically where intruders might try to enter. This is one of the most trusted names in security systems and they are on the top ten list for being one of the best.

8. Slomins Alarm Systems

Slomins secures your home for less than a $1 a day. With a Slomins system, you can view your home using the advanced features they offer, like security cameras and central station monitoring. You can also see your home yourself, right from your computer, phone or tablet. That’s convenience. It’s also convenient to control the hundreds of various Z-wave devices the company uses around your home, that you control by the home panel or remotely, from your PC or iPhone and Android apps. No matter what you need to take care of while away from home, you still maintain control and can be assured your home is safe and monitored by Slomins.

7. ADT

Easily one of the most recognized names in security systems and there’s a reason, ADT has proven itself time and again, to be one of  the most reliable security systems installed in homes. They have superb customer service and highly knowledgeable professionals who will help you design your system around your personal needs, as well as highly trained technicians to install the system. With over 140 years of experience and 7 million customers who trust their home and family’s safety to ADT. Choose from their basic package to their premium, where you can get all you need including video streaming and the ability to record and save video clip. ADT has always, and probably always will, be rated as one of the top security systems available, with the reputation they have developed over the years.

6. Guardian Protection Services

Guardian is a well-respected security systems provider that gives you the choice of 4 packages so that you can choose the system that fits your lifestyle and your wallet. You get 24/7 monitoring with all four packages, but as you upgrade to bigger packages, the services and features you get, increase. It depends on what you need and want, from home automation, live video streaming, live image look-in, door cameras, or other features. Guardian Protection Services makes it easy to keep your home, family and belongings protected while at home, and away and have been protected families since 1950. If you end up moving after your system is installed, don’t worry, you can take it with you to keep your protection going.

5. LifeShield

LifeShield offers different packages to choose from, from the Security essentials, which is the basic plan, to Security advantage, which is an upgraded version with more features and the mid-sized package, and then the security professionals package, which gives all they have to offer. You can easily set the system up yourself with adhesive sensors and start monitoring your home for safety issues and break-ins right from the start, even while you are away from home and can’t be there. Get peace of mine on a budget with the security system by LifeShield.

4. GetSafe

GetSafe gives you 24/7 monitoring that will alert you if there is a break in and if they can’t reach you, they contact the authorities right away. The nice thing with this system is that you get home automation if you choose, and the system does not even require professionals to come in and install. No holes need to be drilled to install it; it is diy. You can choose the services you want and equipment you need for your home and lifestyle, but at any time, should your needs change, you can always add to it, or discontinue the use of certain services. GetSafe is one of the best security systems on the market today.

3. SafeStreets USA

SafeStreets USA is an authorized dealer of ADT and they operate in 44 states across the US. They use the latest, most innovative technology and equipment that ADT authorizes for their systems. The staff is highly trained to help you choose your package, from the very basic to the most upgraded system they offer, the Premium ADT Plus home automation system. Along with home automation systems that allow you to control your security features, the systems also include monitoring of flood, smoke, heat, carbon monoxide and temperature. These are monitored through four different state-of-the-art call centers that the company has set up across the US. This is the third best security system on the top ten list.

2. Link Interactive

Link Interactive offers their Go!control alarm panel for better control over your security system and your home. The interactive system allows you to manage all of your security options from the wall panel as well as you can control all of the aspects of your security from your phone. Only get the services you want by choosing and putting together your own package; light control, cameras, thermostat, door locks, garage doors and more. The company has been in business since 1952 and received an A-plus rating as one of the best security system companies.

1. Vector Security

Vector has been providing security systems for homes and businesses for more than 40 years and is headquartered in Pittsburgh. Vector offers a wide range of services to help you better protect your home, family and personal belongings. With all the latest technology, you will be able to take control of your home and security system from wherever you are. Some of  the features you get with Vector include, monitor your home through video footage, check on pets and kids from wherever you are. You can also turn lights on or off without having to be there to do it. Locking and unlocking doors is a convenient feature, as well as adjusting your thermostat from where you are, to make sure the home is being cooled or heated the way you want while you are away, plus much more. Vector has received high ratings for their services and costs, for many years and they are highest rated security system of the top ten list.

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