Sofia Richie’s $17 Million Los Angeles Home

Sofia Richie Home

Bauhaus architecture is one of the most revolutionary styles of the 20th century, now over a century old. Walter Gropius founded Bauhaus in Weimar, Germany, intending to bring together a mix of fine arts and crafts.

According to Saving Places, Gropius wrote, “together let us desire, conceive and create the new structure of the future, which will embrace architecture and sculture and painting in one unity and which will one day rise towards hevean from the hands of a million workers like the crystal symbol of new faith.”

One example of this architectural style is Sofia Richie and Elliot Grainge’s new home. Recently engaged, the pair purchased the 8,000 square foot home for $17 million dollars. Built-in 1962, it has 6 bedrooms, 7.5 baths, and sits on over two acres. Charles G. Kanner built the house, inspired by architectural greats like Frank Lloyd Wright and Richard Neutra.

Before an investment group purchased it in 2018, it remained in the same family. Once it changed hands, they bought the next-door lot for almost 6 million, adding 3,000 additional square feet of space.

After the renovations, it looked like a resort more than a home. However, before Richie and Grainge moved in, they wanted to make even more changes to suit their lifestyle. Richie’s father is musician Lionel Richie and a celebrity influencer, so she certainly knows style and how to create the perfect living space.

Grainge’s father is Universal Music Group’s CEO, Lucian Richie. Together, they created a fantastic area that is sure to grow along with the couple’s relationship. Let’s take a peek inside to see what vision blended with timeless architecture with a contemporary feel can look like.

Sofia Richie Home


Talk about knowing your dream house when you find it; the couple paid half a million over the asking price in addition to the $12 million dollar increase from the last purchase in 2015. The house is in the Coldwater Canyon area in Beverly Hills and sits behind wrought iron security gates.

The front of the house is a modern square facade with several extending shapes, which look perfect with the ivory-toned facade. The window frames are black steel which makes adds a stunning contrast to the lighter portions.

Sofia Richie Home

The kitchen

One of the things the couple added was state-of-the-art appliances that look right at home in the modern kitchen. Overall the kitchen is contemporary and angular with cabinets in light wood, almost teak. It complements the mother of pearl backsplash over the stove and oven. The centerpiece in the kitchen is a long island with four wicker chairs with wrought iron bases which pop against the light granite. All of the fixtures are gold and which plays well against everything else in the space.

Sofia Richie Home

Entertaining dream

Indoors and out, the house is the perfect space for entertaining. The dining room is large enough to accommodate eighteen people. Keeping with the overall aesthetic, Richie and Grainge chose light wood with wrought iron chairs.

Life And Style magazine wrote an article about one of the couple’s first events in their new house, Richie’s birthday. The article features stunning backyard pictures, including a modern square pond and outdoor lounge area that rests against a large marble wall with asymmetric cutouts.

Additionally, there is not only a swimming pool but also several spa areas. During the event, both inside and out sunflowers were the main feature. The pop of yellow-orange played well off all of the lighter elements, and the deep brownish-black center melded into the wrought-iron parts.

The backyard sits on a hilltop which provides greenery, adding contrast to the stone wall with mid-century modern open paneling. Outdoor entertaining is also midcentury modern, with a minimal white bar in front of a liquor cabinet.

To the right is a lower table that seats eight in complimentary light wood. Everything indoors and out has fluidity, with all fireplaces using light granite. Additionally, the light wood grain is cohesive on accents.

Sofia Richie Home

Bed and Bath

One of the bedrooms has a geometric wall inlay over a bed with a black comforter and a collection of light and dark pillows. Additionally, there are floor-to-ceiling windows that look out onto the backyard.

Two standout features are the fireplace and his and hers dressing rooms. The room opens onto an outdoor terrace. The most modern feature in the house is the bathroom. Even though it features much of the same light wood and marble, the tub sitting prominently by the window is a stark white bold. Even though it may seem jarring with the rest of the aesthetic, it adds a pop because it’s so different.

Sofia Richie Home


The light and airiness in the house make it the perfect spot to further Richie’s career. Each space is masterfully craft, giving the perfect backdrop for selfies. Aside from the house, Richie received one other gift for her birthday featured in numerous Instagram photos, an Aston Martin.

The car is a little additionally icing on the already luxurious house and makes a great addition to the Mercedes and Range Rover. Overall, the house is a perfect example of what an excellent eye for detail can accomplish and how a timeless home can work perfectly in the twenty-first century.

Sofia Richie Home

Final thoughts

Daniel Pinkwater once said, “my house is me and I am it. My house is where I like to bee and it looks like all my dreams.” Richie and Grainge’s house sums up this quote. It’s impressive when a young couple finds a home that suits them so well and has the means to purchase it at any cost.

The modernness of Bauhaus is the perfect blend of timeless and modern, which allows many changes made without it seeming too jarring. Additionally, Grainge will feel right at home since the area of Beverly Hills is known as “music row” since many musicians, including Paul McCartney and Rihanna, live nearby.

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