Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s Former $55 Million Vacation Home

Back when Brangelina were still together, the family of 8 frequently traveled the world as mom and dad filmed movies and made humanitarian trips. In 2009, Brad Pitt and the six children settled in Long Island, NY, giving Angelina the chance to film “Salt.” Like any large family, they opted to stay in a rental house. Unlike any other large family, their rental house was not only worth more than $50 million, but it was referred to as “a total fantasy home” by local real estate agents.

Recently the epic estate hit the real estate market, giving you the chance to buy the family’s former vacation home, at least if you can handle the $55 million asking price. So, what will all that money get you? Here are 20 pictures of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s former $55 million vacation home. Before we get to the pictures, here’s what you need to know about the house.

All about the House

Built in 1987, the Tudor-style mansion (known as “Sassafras”) sits along the Long Island Sound on just over 47 acres of land in Lloyd Harbor, NY. The 20,000 sq. ft. main house boasts 25 rooms including 8 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, 4 ½ baths, and a basement complete with a barbershop, spa, hot tub, plunge pool, and fallout shelter. The property also includes an additional 2 guesthouses with 5,500 sq. ft. each and a log cabin that is used as a “Tea House.”

Outside, the property includes an 8-car detached garage, lush gardens, a tennis court, an in-ground pool, a beach cabana with full kitchen, and a private beach with a pier on a cove referred to as The Sand Hole. According to the official listing, Sassafras is “a gem in the Gold Coast’s crown.” As an added bonus, 2 helipads make getting to the estate easy. Currently owned by Laval Properties Corp., the house was designed to pay homage to Sir Edwin Lutyens, a well-known British architect.

The property is definitely spectacular, but the house is probably not what you would expect Brad and Angelina to choose, especially when you consider how young their children were at the time. (Maddox, the oldest was 8, while the twins, Vivienne and Knox, had just turned a year old.) Now, let’s get started.

1. An Aerial View

This aerial view gives you a chance to see just how large and secluded the property is. The main house and pool sit right in the middle, though it’s much harder to tell where everything else is due to all the mature trees on the land. Fortunately, with all that land and everything there is to do, Brad really didn’t have to take the children anywhere when Angie went to the set. Instead, he could hang out at the house and try to keep up with where each child was, which couldn’t have been an easy feat.

2. An Aerial View from the Front

Although this photo was also taken from above, it offers a better look at the front of the mansion and just how traditionally Tudor its style is, as well as a glimpse at the small pond that sits in front of the home on its left side. Did you notice how different the water looks from the previous photo? Before, it looked gray. Now, it’s a gorgeous blue.

3. A Look at the Back

From the back, it is easy to see this is a quintessential Tudor-style home, a style that was most popular from 1558-1603. The roof has steep pitches with several gables, as well as multiple groups of rectangular windows. In addition, it features a brick bottom and an exposed wood framework on the upper floor, which has been filled with stucco.

4. The Very Grand Entrance

Most likely, it’s this photo that will make you question how smart it was to move six kids into this elegant home. There’s just so much here, starting with the long staircase and ending with the elaborate fireplace in the back of the wood paneled main entryway and living room. Then, you have the intricate wood carvings on the left, a couple of life-size statues, tapestries hanging on the walls, heavy furniture, plants, picture frames, a set of uncomfortable Queen Ann chairs, and the gilded gold mirrors on the back wall. It is a gorgeous room that is made even better by the 48 ft. cathedral ceilings and ornate candle chandelier, but it’s not all that child friendly.

5. A Closer Look at the Sitting Area

Here’s a closer look at the sitting area to the left of the front staircase, as well as the decoratively carved stair balusters (spindles). Unlike many rooms that have wood paneling, this one doesn’t look dated and dark, which is odd because there do not appear to many windows in the room based on the previous photo. Check out the unique accent cabinet on the right. It may or may not be used to hide a TV.

6. Another Grand Room and Spectacular Staircase

This gorgeous staircase offers another way to get to the second floor and appears to be just as long as the other one. This is another room with a lot going on, including the grand piano and bench on the left, along with what is probably a vintage dressmaker’s mannequin, two medieval suits of armor, and hanging tapestries. Again, the room is beautiful, especially when you take in all the wooden accents, but seems to be geared more toward well behaved adults than a family with small children. By the way, the medieval suits of armor that are seen in this room, as well as several others, were frequently found in original English Tudor homes.

7. A Truly Exceptional Fireplace

This fireplace, which may be made from limestone and/ or possibly marble, is definitely detailed. There is no telling how long it took the carver to create it.

8. The Formal Dining Room

With the table large enough to seat 12, Brad, Angie, and all the kids could easily sit here. This is yet another elegant room that offers way too much to look at. The back wall of windows no doubt offers great views of the outdoors. At the same time, the ceiling is nothing short of a masterpiece, particularly when you notice all the carvings made into the wood. Instead of tapestries like the other rooms, this one only the single large painting on the left, but it is impressive. Although it’s hard to tell in this photo, the room seems to transition to a bar on the right side, which leads us to the next photo.

9. The Bar

The wall of windows continues in here, as does the Oriental rug covering the hardwood floors. However, the ceiling changes, possibly because there would just be too much wood in the room when you also take in the bar and shelving. Unlike the dining room, which appears have chairs covered in velvet, the bar stools are made from leather.

10. Another Sitting Room

Busy is probably the best word to use to describe this sitting room. In this one large room, it looks like there are at least three couches and several chairs that don’t match, yet somehow go together. In the front of the room, there is a unique table, sitting beside what is likely an antique rocking chair and magazine racks. There’s also plenty of little extras sitting around, as well as the telescope on the right, multiple large paintings with antique gold frames, and the elaborate chandelier. For the sake of entertainment, there’s a small TV in the very back of the room.

11. The Sunroom

Despite the glass tabletop, this is probably where the family chose to eat most of their meals. There’s more than enough space for everyone and it’s certainly less formal than the main dining room. Best of all, the floor-to-ceiling windows provide outstanding views of the private beach.

12. A Very Plain Bedroom

It’s unclear if this is the mansion’s master bedroom, but let’s hope not. Honestly, it’s pretty bland and boring. Yes, the ceiling is gorgeous and there’s no doubt that the furniture is high-end and very expensive, but it’s still boring. Plus, the couch on the right looks like something you’d find in your grandmother’s house.

13. A Large Bathroom

Again, it’s not clear if this is part of the master suite or just one of the mansion’s many extra bathrooms. In either case, it’s really not what you’d expect based on the rest of the house. It’s much less cluttered and focuses on just a few colors, such as the blue, black, tan, and white in the floor tile. The bathtub is huge, as is the walk-in shower with the rainforest showerhead. You have to wonder what the narrow door at the end of the room leads to.

14. The Back Deck

It’d probably be more surprising if the mansion didn’t have a huge back deck. What is somewhat surprising is how average looking the deck is. After all, it offers a spectacular view of the shoreline, yet the only place to sit are the four chairs that look to be made of stone. For $55 million, you’d think the deck would be more impressive. With that being said, this photo, along with those below it, does give you a better idea of why the family may have chose to rent this home. The outdoor space is incredible.

15. The Outdoor Pool

Measuring 30 ft. by 60 ft., the freshwater pool was large enough for the entire Brangelina clan and serves as an ideal alternative to the salty ocean water. While there are no waterslides, it does look like there are two diving boards on the right end of the pool. According to the home’s official listing, the gazebo on the left side of the picture includes a bar, bathroom, and outdoor shower.

16. The Pond

Every estate needs a pond and Sassafras is no different. In fact, according to its listing, there are a couple of ponds on the property. On the left side of the pond, a small bench provides a good place to sit and watch the ducks that have made the pond their own. The owner’s love of statues continues here, thanks to the one of three kids playing sitting toward the right end of the pond.

17. The Tea House

Simply referred to as “The Tea House,” there is no indication as to what this log cabin is used for. However, based on the listing, it is definitely not one of the two guesthouses included on the property. Perhaps, it is just a playhouse for the kids that happens to offer great views of the private beach. On the other hand, it could be a place to retire for afternoon tea, an English tradition.

18. One of Two Guesthouses

While the average house in the U.S. has around 2,400 sq. ft., the two guesthouses on the property boast 5,500 sq. ft. EACH. They, too, feature an English Tudor style exterior, though on a much smaller scale than the 20,000 sq. ft. main house. There’s no word on how many bedrooms and bathrooms the guesthouses have, but you can be certain there are quite a few.

19. The Private Beach

If the main house, guesthouses, pool, pond, tennis courts, beautiful gardens, and more weren’t enough to make you wish you had the $55 million lying around needed to purchase Sassafras, the pristine private beach probably will. Though the length of the private beach isn’t available, it is more than long enough for a huge family to sprawl out and have fun. There’s only one downside of the private beach. Remember, it’s not directly off the house. Instead, you have to walk down a short wooded path to get to it.

20. The Pier

Extending well out into the water, the pier can accommodate a 30-ft. speedboat, 80-ft. motor yacht, 24-ft. sailboat, 3 jet skis, and 2 chase/ maintenance boats. Plus, there are three additional moorings for any future water toys.

What’s Missing

Oddly, there are no published pictures of the mansion’s kitchen or the spectacular basement level. Perhaps, the listing agent doesn’t feel the kitchen would be all that important to potential owners, but the basement is most certainly a selling feature that we would love to see.

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