Sarah Silverman Lands New $3.5 Million Los Feliz Contemporary

Back in March, famed comedian and actress Sarah Silverman sold her West Hollywood condo, which she’d been living in for the last 15 years. The home listed for $1.8 million, and it looks like she’s recently made a big upgrade in both home size and neighborhood, moving to the Los Feliz area. Sarah Silverman’s new home is valued at $3.5 million, and is a much larger property in this east LA neighborhood. The house was never publicly available for sale, as it is entirely new, just having finished construction last year in 2020. There are however some renderings available online which reveal some details and photographs of the home. These renderings include a contemporary design with two full floors, four bedrooms, and four accompanying full bathrooms. The home also comes with an attached two-car garage, a large open-plan living room space, as well as an open dining spice and separate kitchen space, equipped with state of the art kitchen appliances. There are also modern foldaway glass doors that lead out to her deck, which features a fire pit, BBQ station, and a unique rectangular pool. The entire lot is sized at 0.21 acres, but still features a lot of greenery from trees and hedges.

The house also features an interesting powder room, along with a great ensuite bedroom for guests (or perhaps a home office). The master suite comes with a marble bathtub, a full walk-in closet room, and beautiful hardwood floors throughout the entire home. This neighborhood is a high class one east of Hollywood, featuring other celebrity neighbors like Scarlett Johansson, Lykke Li, and Kate Mara. Los Feliz is one of the most exclusive areas of the city, with over 50% of residents estimated to be in the top 1% of income. The neighborhood also features some high profile schools, including Le Conte Middle School and Los Feliz High School, both located within a few blocks.

About Sarah Silverman

Sarah Silverman is a comedian and actress from Bedford, New Hampshire, who became famous for her work as the co-hosts of Comedy Central’s The Sarah Silverman Program. She has also starred in many popular comedy films including Team America: World Police, Wreck-It Ralph, School Of Rock, and A Million Ways to Die in the West. Her stand-up comedy career has been very successful, often selling out large venues. Briefly married to comedian Jimmy Kimmel in 2008, Silverman has also been open about her bisexuality. She is an outspoken progressive activist and supporter of Democratic candidates and much variety of social issues. Sarah Silverman’s real estate portfolio is quite impressive for a single celebrity, but she appears to be a savvy investor with her portfolio being valued at over $10 million in total throughout many different properties.

Benefits of Living in Los Feliz, California

Los Feliz is one of the more highly sought after neighborhoods in all of Los Angeles, featuring stunning views and an upscale, yet personal feel. It is a residential neighborhood that is primarily for families, and has a high quality of life. Los Feliz offers magnificent scenery with mountains to the north, views of Downtown LA to the south, as well as being right on top of Griffith Park. The park itself features multiple hiking trails and over 500 acres for exploring. In addition to the park there is an excellent restaurant scene in Los Feliz. The neighborhood features upscale restaurants such as The Good Good, Alimento, and other trendy spots that are perfect for fine dining. Los Feliz is also home to the legendary Hollywood Bowl, which has attracted many world class artists including Led Zeppelin, Frank Sinatra, Duke Ellington and more. There are also some of the best fine dining spots in Los Angeles such as Blair’s Restaurant and Cafe Stella.

Some of the most popular bars in Los Feliz include the famous Monkish and Modern Times, both of which have a unique taste in the city. Other great night life spots in the Los Feliz area include Sunset Beer Company, The Griffin, and other great pubs and bars to keep you entertained. There are also many great coffee shops in the area including Urth Caffe, coffee shop on Los Feliz Blvd and Little Beast Coffee. The Los Feliz area also offers some of the best performing arts spaces in all of LA, including both venues for music and theater alike. There are a variety of venues that attract some of the biggest names in music as well as comedy shows from time to time.

The neighborhood is also full of historic homes that are listed on the National Register of Historic Places and are frequented by famous visitors from around the world. Los Feliz also benefits from excellent public transportation with several bus routes that go east-west and north-south throughout the entire neighborhood. One downside is that because of the great popularity of the area, homes tend to get snapped up in this neighborhood very quickly.


The demographics for this Los Feliz neighborhood are roughly 60% white (30% European, 18% Asian, 2% Middle Eastern), 9% Black or African American, 16% Hispanic or Latino, 4% some other race. The median income for Los Feliz is $91,000, with a poverty rate of 8%. The median age is 36.

Sarah Silverman’s Early Career

Sarah Silverman grew up in Bedford, New Hampshire, and attended NYU, but did not graduate. While studying there she began doing standup comedy at Open Mikes around New York City. Her first big break was as a writer on SNL from 1993 to 1994, following her first couple of years as a stand up comedian. She then became the start of “The Sarah Silverman Program” which ran from 2007to 2010.

Final Thoughts

Sarah Silverman’s real estate portfolio is very impressive and it is fun to take a look at her home and the land itself. She has proven to be a successful business woman as well as a tremendous success in her career. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for Sarah Silverman and her real estate investments.

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