Entrepreneur Edward Kim Buys $8.5 Million Pasadena Estate

Edward Kim is a tech entrepreneur who co-founded Gusto with Josh Reeves and Tomer London in 2012. The company is software-focused, helping businesses to insure, pay support, and onboard their teams. His work in the industry has paid off, and by 2018, the company was raking in at least $100 million in revenue thanks to the over 100,000 customers it had obtained. Today the firm is valued at $3.8 billion, and Kim has made quite some money for himself. No wonder he has been expanding his real estate portfolio. Here is more about entrepreneur Edward Kim buying $8.5 million Pasadena Estate.

It Was Listed for $8.9 Million

The great thing about investing in real estate is that you can bet on never losing your money unless there is a financial crisis such as the one experienced in 2008. The house that has recently become the property of the tech entrepreneur underwent a major facelift as reported by the Middletown Press. The renovation could have resulted in the price shooting to $8.958 million from the $3.5 million it had been exchanged for in 2016. For a house that was built in 1956, you might wonder what makes it so expensive, but it has been renovated and expanded since then to cater to the needs of prospective buyers. There is no consensus about the precise measurements, with some sources saying it spans 6,900 square feet yet others believe it is 7,400 square feet.

Regardless we won’t get lost in the minor details because they agree on the different amenities that Kim is about to start enjoying in his new home. It adheres to the modern needs of homebuyers by having lots of natural light flooding the house, but it still has recessed lighting needed at night. As with almost every celebrity, the house has a neutral color theme and plenty of white. All the walls and ceilings are painted white with lots of recessed lighting, and the white theme continues through most of the furniture in the dining and living room. However, the white them is well complemented by the wooden floors except for the bathroom where everything, including the bathtub and tiles, is white.

Getting into the Fine Details of the House

The property has six bedrooms and 7.5 bathrooms; the master bathroom is luxurious with lots of space, and one can choose to soak in the bathtub or have a quick shower. It has a sliding door leading to the outdoors, and its beauty is enhanced by marble accents on the countertops above, which is a large rectangular mirror. The sliding doors seem to be a constant around the house, with the master bedroom having large glass sliding doors also leading to the outdoors where Kim can wind down in the comfortable seats strategically placed in the patio. The bedroom has grey and white color pallets; the carpet, seats, and dressing table are grey, and so are the throw pillows placed in the bed.

The lounge area also has a gray and white theme but also incorporates a light brown couch to break the monotony. As usual, there are sliding doors in the lounge area that lead up to the back yard where there are plenty of seats for anyone hoping to have a relaxed evening in the lush lawn. The backyard has an environment fit for parties thanks to the barbecue, wet bar, and dining area. Guests will find it particularly enjoyable to take their meal in privacy as the tall trees and white wall encompass the backyard for a more private setting.

The kitchen has beautiful brown cabinets with white countertops and built-in appliances. The lighting is from recessed light as in all other rooms. Kim does not have to have a gym subscription, not when he has his own at home and a swimming pool for those days; he is not in the mood to lift weights. While these two options exercise his body, he can feed his mind from the library, and there is a study where he can conduct some business meetings.

Here are the people responsible for making the house what it is today:

Odom Stamps

Stamp was once the South Pasadena mayor and has since shifted his focus to transforming homes by utilizing his Master’s degree in Architecture he obtained from Tulane University. He has a fondness for the rich history in most buildings; therefore, it is no surprise that when given a chance, he whips up his magic and delivers over-the-top houses to his clients. His love for historic buildings is what might have led him to marry Kate, who studied the history of art, also in Tulane University.

They have created a great synergy working at Stamps and Stamps since 1991. They work as partners and independently with projects they collaborate on being their best kind, according to Stamps and Stamps Profile. Their love for historic buildings is further shown by most projects renovated being historic structures, but they do not limit themselves. They have become the go-to architecture firm in the entire US, working to bring both residential and commercial projects to fruition.

Theodore Pletsch

Odom Stamps may have renovated the house to bring it back to its former glory, but there would be no project to work on without Theodore Pletsch, who was the architect sought when the house was built in 1956. He said that he is not Frank Lloyd Wright and never wanted to be like Wright, but his priority was giving customers what they want. He added that while at least six architects are sued every year, he had never had anyone bring any legal proceedings against him, which goes to show how professional and dedicated he was to fulfilling customer needs. His work is mainly recognized in Pasadena, such as in the house that is now proudly Edward Kim, but he also has 1300 projects under his name, mainly in the San Gabriel Valley, according to San Marino Heritage. Unfortunately, the iconic architect passed away in 1994, having lived to a ripe old age of 92 years.

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