Beverley Mitchell’s Gorgeous Southern California Home

The 7th Heaven star, Beverley Mitchell, and her accountant husband Michael Cameron moved into a Suburban home in Southern California where Mitchell claims they were the youngest of all the neighbors. She teases how her husband made cracks about being dropped into the middle of Suburbia, but once the couple had their kids, they did feel like it really was the perfect place for them to be. The couple was already in the middle of designing their home’s decor when they realized they were expecting their first child, a little girl they named Kenzie. Despite not knowing they were pregnant, Beverley says that they had already began incorporating child friendly designs into the mix sense it was only a matter of time before they would be starting their family. The idea was to create a home that was elegant but not stuffy, comfortable but not shabby.

A designer from Arhuas, Dominic Milanese helped the couple design a warm, soft palette of blues and greens, and neutral tones, all of which helped to meld the inside with the out, bringing the looks and feelings you get with nature, into the home. With so many windows in the home, Beverley has said that they view them as artwork, paintings that help to create one world between the indoors and out. If you have always been a fan of Beverley Mitchell and her show, 7th Heaven, then you may have been curious as to what type of home she lives in, and her design style. Now you can get a peek inside her home, so keep scrolling to see Beverley Mitchell’s gorgeous Southern California home.

Distressed red brick steps lead you up to the beautifully potted plants just before reaching the black front door that welcomes you into this beautiful ranch-style home. Inside you’ll find a home that was transformed lots of traditional neutral tones, including beige, creams, and light-colored woods throughout, to a home that was more fitting for this young couple who have said that they wanted a home that was beautiful and cozy, yet one that was comfortable enough for people to come in and feel free to sit on the furniture.

An antique replica of an iron cart sits on dark wood floors just under a wall of photos. The family pictures and other framed art hang above the wainscoting and showcase momentous occasions in this family’s life. The primary black and white theme of the photos and black iron care are a great contrast to the wall color and wainscoting, giving the space a dramatic appeal.

Beyond the wall of photos is the living room all dressed in silver, brown tones, and added accent colors in throw pillows to coordinate with the wall color. The large leather-topped coffee table can double as extra seating, or holding a tray of drinks and snacks for gatherings. The white area rug is a warm and cozy touch to add a bit of softness to the floor and room while allowing enough of the beautiful dark wood floors to shine through.

The quaint little study is warm and cozy with neutral tones and contrasting built-in, dark-wood bookshelves. The open and airy room is perfect for reading. Curling up with a a good book in one of the soft, cream-colored chairs and the natural light streaming through the windows just above the small, white desk.

Relaxation is not hard to find in the backyard at the home of Beverley Mitchell. Sitting around the pristine pool with beautiful landscaping is more than serene, and it’s even more appealing when you can cozy up to a bonfire like this. The stoned poolside patio is set up for optimal and easy conversation around a glowing fire on those chilly nights, or maybe just to roast a few marshmallows with the kids.

On an outside patio, a refurbished large wood table made of Elm and topped with reconstructed stone, sits under a stunning black chandelier with small shades and nicely compliments the two Palisade dining chairs on the far side. Two large flower pots with mixed arrangements top off the look to create a unique outdoor dining experience for any meal.

Here’s a reason to have more formal meals, this gorgeous alcove of bay windows, skylights, and a view of the landscape while eating a meal with friends and family. The dinette set was designed with multiple types of seating, from bench seating to captains seats and two traditional dining chairs. The use of colors and textures all work together to create a beautiful mixture of both a formal and relaxed style for a dining area.



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