Check Out Dr. Phil’s $5.7 Million Wacky Beverly Hills Mansion

Dr. Phil, the infamous, self-help, television psychologist, has put his mansion up for sale. Although the home is owned by Dr. Phil, it is his youngest son, Jordan who lives in the home, along with some of the members of his band. The home has been listed at $5.75 million and even seeing the picture above, you can see the interior design is anything but traditional. As a matter-of-fact, once the 6,170 square foot, 5 bedroom, 6 bath home was officially listed, pictures included, the home has gotten a lot of attention, and it’s been more due to the shock factor of the interiors design than anything. The home has some of the most unusual and maybe even gaudy decor, that unless you are in the same age bracket as the young McGraw, you would most likely want a total re-do when it comes to interior design. Critics have compared the design ideas Alice in Wonderland, and Tim Burton creations, according to Realtor, and once you take a look, you will probably agree. So keep scrolling, and check out Dr. Phil’s $5.7 million wacky Beverly Hills mansion.

Dining room

You may not be able to imagine dining in a room with a wall full of guns, but for Dr. Phil’s young son and housemates, it’s art. The display of guns sits behind tempered glass and fits the overall, camo-style motif of the room with neutral and dark tones of grays, blacks and camo green tones. Figurines are displayed around the room to add to the unique decor theme, and an equally interesting lighting fixture hangs above the dining table, adding yet another distinctive focal point to the room.

Entry bar

It may look like a hotel lobby, but it is, in-fact, the foyer to the home of Dr. Phil’s son, Jordan. Walking into the home, you are instantly transported into an eclectic hodgepodge of quirky decor features, from the fake wood branches acting as the stairwell railing, leading to the second floor, as described by CNN. A large, droopy chandelier hangs from the black and white checkered ceiling above, while just under the stairwell, you’ll find a bar that’s situated with bar stools that take on an almost, spooky look and feel.

Media room

What you’re looking at here, is a very velvety media room. Yes, this is black velvet you are seeing on the walls; rich texture, colors and patterns. The sofas surround four, large ottomans in a velvety plum, perfect for kicking back to watch your favorite Tim Burton movie. The textured walls most assuredly help with the acoustics in the room, as well as to create more of a movie atmosphere compared to your average painted walls. However, if this isn’t your ‘thing,’ re-modeling the room to a more traditional look is doable


This hallway is a unique, and kind of fun, space that’s decorated with a few interesting pieces, for instance, the plum hanging chair by the door is something you probably wouldn’t see anywhere else. It’s funky and fun. The color may seem to stand alone, until you look across the way at the over-sized piece of wall art of a clown’s face. The suspended chair coincides perfectly with the outline of the clown, while the frame ties the stunning Louis Vuitton trunk into the decor color palette.

Game room

The bright, blue shiny tiled floor creates the look of an crystal blue, frozen lake with a pool table freestanding on the ice. If you look closely, the illusion of the ice breaking is below each of the four lions’ feet – a very creative look, but probably not for every homeowner. The room is uniquely designed with color combinations that practically make you feel chilled just looking at them. The one thing that warms you and the entire room, is the large fireplace, beautifully and artfully designed. More statues are seen in the room and the floor-to-ceiling  blue-lit wine fridge helps to keep the ‘cool’ look flowing seamlessly through the room.

Outdoor patio and pergola

How gorgeous is the back patio and pergola? Warm and inviting, this outdoor eating area is simplistic, yet elegant and it’s large enough to entertain lots of friends and family. The elongated bench seat behind the beautiful outdoor dining table and chairs, is full of a variety of decorative pillows that pair so well with the marbled table top and the yellow hues of the retaining wall and home exterior. Stunning light fixtures hang from the top of the pergola and complete the look of the outdoor patio retreat.

According to Variety, other features include a beautiful pool, spa and cabana, along with a three-car garage, and beautiful landscape that offers a tropical appeal, with the exception of the large snake fountain on the front drive, which will certainly give you an idea of what’s yet to come on the inside.

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