20 Kids Playroom Ideas That Will Give you Inspiration

Kids love to play, and most often, they carry their playtime, all through your house. It’s not always convenient to have your child’s play toys scattered in every room, which leaves you considering how you can create a specific space that is designated specifically for them. Creating a playroom is not only a great way to help contain your child’s playing to one area of the home, but you can make it fun, interesting, imaginative, and even educational. Creating a playroom that encourages your child to play is a great way to get them to want to spend time in their playroom and end the battle of scattered toys all through the house. If you have always wanted to create a unique and exciting playroom for your kids but aren’t sure how to get started, we have some tips to help you.

Choose a space

If you have an available room, basement, or garage, these are ideal places for creating a playroom. If extra rooms are not available, this leaves the option of choosing a space in a room of the house that can be sectioned off for your child’s play. Room dividers are perfect for adding a playroom to an already-used room. Bookshelves, a room partition, curtain, or any other divider can work to create separation. Once you’ve chosen your room or space, you can start to choose a theme for your room.

Choose a theme

Children love to get involved with projects, especially if it’s a project that’s about them. Ask your children for their input on their favorite things, like characters, activities, colors, shapes, patterns, and all kinds of things. Get ideas from shows they love, their favorite activities at the park or school, and start to put a theme together on paper to help you with the design of the room.

Things to include

When it comes to designing a playroom, consider making space available for books, loose toys, board games, arts and crafts, and other fun activities.

  • Bookshelves are one of the most important elements in a playroom. They not only provide storage for books, but for toys and other playroom items.
  • Storage bins for loose toys, puzzles, games, dress-up clothes, among other items, are great to have to help keep things organized in the room. They’re easy to store, move about, and easy access for kids.
  • A table and chairs is wonderful for a playroom. Your child can sit to do arts and crafts, have snack time, among other activities at a table that is just their size.
  • Have a cozy corner set up with bean bag chairs and a soft rug for them to relax on. This is a great addition near a shelf full of books to help encourage them to cozy-up to a good book and appreciate reading.
  • Imagination stations are fun for kids and can take-on any look and them you and your child dream up. If your child loves to play kitchen, why not create a child’s-sized kitchen with all the fixin’s for them to play make believe chef. For your Hollywood star, a dress-up station full of dress-up clothes, a mirror, and space for them to get glamorous is a great way to encourage them to use their imagination. Whatever your child is interested in, create a special corner for them that is focused on their favorite activity and let them have a ball pretending.

Decorate your playroom

Hang posters and pictures, shapes, numbers, and your child’s art throughout the room. If you chose to have a specific theme for the room, such as a western theme, a castle theme, an ocean theme, space theme, or any other, you may consider having a mural painted in the playroom that helps to enhance your child’s favorite idea or place. Let your child help you choose what theme their playroom will display and be a part of the designing process. When your child feels involved, they are more apt to be excited over a room they helped design.

If you need some inspiration for your child’s play room, take a look at the following 20 kids playroom ideas and let them inspire you.

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