Every Luxurious Car Should Get A Garage Showroom


Maybe the most masculine place in a home is the garage, where men keep their precious jewelry on wheels. For many, cars go beyond their basic functionality and they’d create the most impressive place to keep them. Like this amazing garage, designed by Brunete Fraccaroli to incorporate a house that is probably not as interesting as the glass showroom.

You have to appreciate the fact it looks so 2012, when the garage was designed about 11 years ago. Everything in here is centered on the car and it includes lots of shelves and space to hang out, as the environment is really friendly, with glass walls revealing the backyard, full of trees.

Glazed features, black and white colors, gadgets and all kind of manly stuff create a boundary where an imaginary sign saying “Men only” thrones. And the Maserati masterpiece… it couldn’t have a better place to rest its power.

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