20 Luxurious Wine Storage Ideas

Whether you love wine, or just love the idea of having a collection to show off and serve to company when you have family and friends over, having a luxurious wine storage area is will not only enhance your home, but done right, it can really make a difference in how well your wine is preserved. Wine is considered one of the most elegant alcoholic beverages, and the prices of some of the brands and bottles can exceed thousands of dollars.

If you plan to own some of the best wines, keeping them stored in the right conditions is critical to preserving the integrity of your coveted bottles of fine wines. Many people think a wine cooler is all they need for their small collection of wine, however, wine coolers are not designed for long term wine storage. Wine coolers were designed to chill bottles of wine shortly before they are served, while wine cellars and other wine storage set-ups are designed to age and preserve the wine’s quality.

It’s common to see wine cellars in large homes and mansions, but the truth is, you don’t have to have a huge area to convert into a wine storage area. You can create a luxurious wine storage area in your home, no matter how big or small of a space you have. If you would like to design a spectacular wine storage area in your home, we have some wine storing tips and storage ideas to help inspire you, so keep reading to see just what they are.

Climate control

Wine is finicky when it comes to temperatures. Wine requires cool temperatures that need to be regulated and maintained. If you plan to design your wine cellar in a basement, you may need to install a wine cooling system along with a full exhaust room to help absorb any heat that is eliminated. To keep any room at a consistent temperature range, you will want to be sure the room is fully insulated and has a good vapor barrier. Humidifiers can be used if the room gets too dry.

You don’t need a cellar to create a luxurious wine storage area

Wine storage areas can be created in many different places in the home. Some of the most spectacular wine storage areas are just small spaces that have been transformed into luxurious wine storage areas. A small room, closet, a pantry, even the unused space under a staircase can be renovated into a wine storage and tasting area. A lot will depend on how large your wine collection is, and do you want to include a space for tasting, or enjoying a glass of wine in the storage area. Some ideas you may consider adding to your wine storage area depending on available space include:

  • Table and chairs
  • Counter
  • Sink
  • Cupboards or drinking glass racks
  • Small refrigerator for cheese and other wine complimentary snacks


Lighting is an important part of a wine storage area. Depending on whether or not your wine will simply just be stored in the space, or you plan to also use the space to enjoy your wine with a friend, sipping one of your favorite wines over a delectable snack of cheese and crackers or sumptuous fruits, your lighting should be a low light, but also creates enough to brighten the area so you can enjoy your views around you. Typically, lights that can be adjusted to fit the mood and purpose, are the best.

Although ambiance is a key factor when choosing the lighting elements for your wine storage area, keep in mind that certain types of lighting can be damaging to wines. Never use Halogen or incandescent bulbs. The best types of lights are LED and you can find them in different strengths so that you can create the perfect atmosphere for your wine storage, whether you prefer a warmer, darker space, or a brighter, more futuristic look.

More ideas and tips for creating a luxurious wine storage are

Many people prefer wood floors to keep the flow of all the wooden shelves around the room. You will want to steer clear of carpet in a wine storage room, as carpet is a big attraction for mold growth due to the high humidity in the room. Glass top tables are elegant, or if you prefer a more rustic look, setting a large wine barrel in the room with a couple chairs to utilize as a table can be a charming touch to the storage space. You will also want to choose a strong door for your wine storage.

A door for wine storage areas are typically wood, however, depending on where you create your storage space, you may want a glass door to show off your collection, or maybe it just better fits with the design flow of your home. If you do decide to go with glass, make sure the door is highly insulated and double-paned.

If you need some inspiration for creating a beautiful, luxurious wine storage area for your home, take a look at the following 20 pictures of luxurious wine storage ideas. Some of them are pretty spectacular, and they will show you that you don’t need a huge cellar to set up your wine collection in a beautiful setting in your home.

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