The Key Characteristics of a Brazilian Style Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most functional spaces in the home and it is a room that is used by everyone, including guests. It is important that this room is practical and can allow you to fulfill all the functions for which it is intended. However, the interior design style can make a big difference in your enjoyment of this room when you are relaxing in the bath or getting ready for a day at work. There are nay different design angles that you can take. If you prefer something that is distinctive and colorful rather than minimalist and neutral, then you might like to consider taking Brazil as your inspiration. Here are the key characteristics of a Brazilian style bathroom.

What is a Brazilian Style Bathroom?

A Brazilian style bathroom is one that is influenced by the interior design styles of Brazil. There are generally two interpretations of this theme. The first is inspired by the landscape of the jungle, which is all about bringing nature indoors with the use of bright colors and designs that reflect the various elements of the jungle landscape to create an indoor urban jungle, says Green and Mustard. The other interpretation of this theme is the use of natural woods and splashes of color against a clean background that is predominantly white or has exposed concrete. This reflects the architectural style in urban areas of Brazil. When applying this style to your home, there are some key characteristics that you should apply to create a Brazilian style bathroom, and these are as follows.


When applying the Brazilian style to your bathroom, it is essential that you use natural materials as this is a key element of Brazilian style. Wood is the predominant material that is used, and both dark and light-colored kinds of wood are used. You can use this for the floors and if you want to add some wood paneling to the walls. Other natural materials that you can use in the bathroom include linen, cotton, and bamboo.


The best option for a Brazilian style bathroom floor is a wooden floor. Not only is this a practical option that is suitable for a room where the floor will become wet, but it is also an aesthetically pleasing choice that fits with the natural theme. Although this may seem a limited choice, there are several options. If you have decent floorboards, you can strip them and varnish or stain them. You can also paint them white or a color that fits with your color scheme. A further option for those who do not have floorboards that are in good condition is to buy wooden flooring as there are plenty of different types you can buy.

Colors and Patterns

According to Italian Bark, the Brazilian style is all about bringing the outside in, and this is reflected in the use of bold colors. The colors reflect the Brazilian landscape and often take their inspiration from the jungle in this country. Therefore, you will find bright yellows, greens, blues, and even reds in this style. The most important color to use is green, and you can use any shade. However, if you want a fresher cleaner look, you can use white on the walls and introduce colors in accessories and soft furnishings. Patterns are also widely used, and the patterns generally have a botanical theme. Large leaf prints and tropical flowers are a popular choice. You can also add prints that include animals that are native to Brazil.

Fixtures and Fittings

The main fixtures in a bathroom are usually the bath, sink, and toilet. Buy a matching suite, and white is the best option in a modern home. A freestanding bath works great with the Brazilian style. However, you can opt for a fitted bath if you prefer. If your preference is for a fitted bath, then opt for wooden paneling around the side. Both traditional and modern bathroom suites work well with the Brazilian theme.


The main accessory that is used with the Brazilian style is plants, says Stencilit. These will reflect the theme of bringing the outdoors in and will fit in with any botanical elements of this style that you are using. If you only have a small bathroom, then adding a few potted plants to the windowsill is sufficient. However, you can make greater use of plants if you have a larger bathroom. Try adding large terracotta pots with ornamental trees to the corners of the room or adding a hanging basket with trailing greenery.

Other Accessories

In addition to adding plants, you can add other accessories to a Brazilian style bathroom to personalize the space. One accessory that you might add is a mirror, as this has a practical function in a bathroom. Choose one with a wooden or bamboo surround. A towel rack filled with towels is another thing that features in most people’s bathroom. Choose a towel rack made from natural materials, such as wood or bamboo, and add cotton towels that complement your color scheme. Another accessory you may wish to add to your Brazilian style bathroom is some artwork as this will create interesting focal points. Botanical prints or photographs of the Brazilian landscape are good options.

Brazilian Style Bathrooms – The Final Verdict

A Brazilian style bathroom is influenced by the landscapes of Brazil, and the aim is to create a room that looks like you are bringing the outside indoors and reflecting nature in the interior of your home. Therefore, the use of color and natural materials are important characteristics of this theme that should inspire your design choices. A botanical theme often runs through this style, so adding shades of green along with leaf and flower prints is a great way to create this look. Wood features on the floors and among the accessories, and you can even use this material on the walls and for bath paneling. Adding plants and some nature-inspired accessories will complete the look and give you a unique bathroom.

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