20 Beautiful White Bathroom Ideas

White Bathroom

Bathrooms are rooms that aren’t only one of the most used rooms in the home, but they’re also often forgotten rooms when it comes to decor themes. It’s easy to forget about bathrooms when you’re busy designing the rest of your home. With as much time as you spend in the bathroom each day, why not make it a beautiful space to inspire you every time you use it for getting ready for your day, and ending each day. One of the most beautiful and relaxing looks for a bathroom is to keep it white. White gives your bathroom a spa-like look and feel and can really lighten and brighten your bathroom, especially if it’s a small room. With a beautiful white bathroom theme, you just might find yourself spending more time relaxing in a warm bath, or enjoying a long hot shower. Here are some ideas on how to design a beautiful white bathroom in your home.

Use texture for depth

When using all white for a theme in any room, it can be hard to establish depth to your design. When colors are used in decorating schemes, that’s where a lot of the depth for the room comes from. In your white bathroom, create depth by using texture in your materials to give the room a better visual appeal. You can do this through things like your tile and flooring choices. Subway tiles on the wall paired with a beautiful white marble flooring donning thin, delicate veins is a good combination. Geometrical shaped Mosaic tiles, for instance, hexagon shapes are a beautiful appeal to the floor or walls. Mirrors are another way to give dimension to a room.

Consider your metal choices

You may not think so, but your metal finish choices can add color to your bathroom, and therefore, character and depth. That being said, you’ll want to consider the overall look you’re trying to achieve for your bathroom. If you’re wanting to keep the bathroom crisp, clean and very cool, stick to chrome finishes. If you want a little more dramatic affect, you may want to go with nickel or a brass finish.

To add color or not to add color

While some designers who love the all-white bathroom think keeping pops of color should be limited to stick with the true look of an all-white bathroom, others think color contrasts can work in an all-white bathroom so long as they are neutral tones, such as light gray or light shades of peach, among others. Avoiding harsh contrasting colors keeps things simple and within the perimeters of the “timeless,” “ageless” look a white bathroom exhibits. Outside of obvious bursts of bold colors, use your choices of cabinetry, tiles patterns and designs, coloring in your marble and other elements to add enough color to satisfy your color palette. For instance, in a transitional or modern themed bathroom, choose a dark cabinet color as a bold contrast to the stark white.

Glass can add texture and visual space

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