20 Bathtub Designs That Are More Like Works of Art

Your bathroom is your haven away from the rest of the home, and the one place you can get away from the rest of the world to rejuvenate and unwind after a long day. You also utilize the bathroom to get ready for your day, get  yourself presentable to face the world. Showers are the most common feature of a functional bathroom, however, many people still love a bathtub in the bathroom as a more luxury feature. It is a place where you can soak your worries away. And if you enjoy doing this often, having a beautiful tub that fits you comfortably, plus fits your style and décor design, will mean that you will enjoy it all the more. Bathtubs don’t have to be boring and basic anymore. They have become increasingly more artsy in design, to give homeowners a wide range of design choices that match their style and taste. Some bathtubs look more like pieces of art rather than a bathtub in general. If you are interested in finding an artsy bathtub that shows off your personal style and taste, here are a few tips for choosing a beautifully designed bathtub.

Measure your space

Not all designs fit in all bathrooms. Bathrooms come in all shapes and sizes, so picking a tub that fits where you need and want it to go, is important. You may not have a choice where the bathtub has to go, but if you do, setting a bathtub in front of a window where you can get beautiful views while you soak, can add to the relaxation time. Wherever you decide it will fit, measure out the space thoroughly from end to end and all around, so that you know every angle of the space that is available.

Design type

When choosing a bathtub that looks artsy and picturesque, think of your design style for your bathroom. If you have a modern looking design in your bathroom, choosing something with a modern twist will add to your theme, while a rustic look in your bathroom would only have more rustic appeal with an artsy looking rustic designed tub, perhaps a tub that was designed to look like an old barrel or bucket would give your bathroom an added western flair.

Whatever beautifully design tub you choose, you can be as creative and artistic with your choice as you dare. Here are 20 bathtub designs that look more like art, to help inspire your bathtub choice.

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