20 Small Bathrooms With Creative Storage Ideas

Anyone who has ever had to deal with a small bathroom knows that it might be one of the biggest inconveniences. When you’re running low on bathroom space, finding a place to store your toiletries and other items can feel like a crazy game of Tetris. Unfortunately, small bathrooms are a reality for lots of people, and huge renovation projects to create more space are unrealistic for most of us. Luckily, there are lots of create storage ideas that can make your small bathroom feel less cluttered. Small bathroom storage comes in a wide variety of options that include shelves, baskets, and drawers. These items offer can help reclaim your space and keep your small bathroom clutter-free.

Keep reading to see these small bathrooms with cool creative storage ideas.

small bathroom with wooden shelves

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Floating are a great storage option for small bathrooms because they don’t take up any floor space. These shelves can hold all sorts of items and are ideal for bathrooms that don’t have much counter space.

small bathroom storage ideas for shelves

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When you have a small bathroom, you have to get creative with the storage ideas.  Utilizing spaces behind doors is a great way to do this.

wire storage unit for bathroom

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These simple metal shelves are stylish and provide plenty of space to storage things like towels, toilet paper, and other items.

small bathroom storage

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Small bathroom storage ideas don’t have to be complicated. You can use baskets and space under your skin to store things you don’t need to reach for very often.

bathroom mirror storage

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Mirrors aren’t just for admiring your good looks before you step out for the day, they can also be used as storage space.

bathroom shelves over tub

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If you don’t have lots of floor space to spare, you’ll love an item like these shelves that are designed to hang above your bath tub.

back of door storage for bathroom

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Looking to keep your bathroom neat and organized? Labeling your shelves will make it easy to find everything you need in an instant.

storage hack for bathroom

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One of the tricks to successful storage in your small bathroom is to make use of every possible space. This storage unit was designed to fit in to tight spaces that may otherwise go unused.

bathroom storage baskets

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These hanging baskets will add a bit of style to your bathroom while also giving you plenty of storage space and easy access to your items.

cool behind the door storage

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Do you have lots of lotions, shampoos, and other products? Small shelves like these are the perfect place to store them.

bar cart for bathroom storage

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Small bathroom storage doesn’t have to be big and clunky. The right item will be both practical and attractive in your space.

over the toilet storage

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No matter how small your bathroom is, there’s a good chance you’ve got some room above your toilet. An item like this can help you make the most of that space.

white drawer bathroom storage

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These drawers were designed to improve your aesthetic and give you a little extra space for your belongings.

bathroom medicine cabinet with storage

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In a small bathroom, there’s no place better to store things than being your mirror. This traditional storage option is simple and practical.

bathroom medicine cabinet with storage

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Corners tend to get ignored, but with this item, the corners in your bathroom will have a whole new purpose. In addition, wheels make this storage unit very easy to move if you ever decide you’re ready for a new look.


farmhouse storage cabinet for bathroom

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This item offers plenty of storage space with a hint of rustic flair. Featuring three drawers and one large cabinet, this piece is the perfect place for your bathroom necessities to call home.

bathroom storage jars

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Looking for some DIY options? If you’ve got some mason jars lying around, you can transform them into cute little storage containers to use around your bathroom.

hanging storage for bathroom

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Similar to floating shelves, hanging shelves are also a nice way to provide some creative storage for your bathroom without having to worry about losing floor space.

cool storage idea for small bathroom

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The inside of your cabinets aren’t the only places that can be used for storage. The back of your cabinet doors are prime real estate as well.

corner storage for bathroom

Made to fit perfectly in a corner, this items offers several storage options that can hold towels, cleaning products, and other important supplies.

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