10 Types of Roses That are Perfect For Your Landscaping

Roses are some of the most popular flowers chosen for yards and gardens. Roses are beautiful and fragrant and with so many varieties, there are certainly roses that would do well in your yard’s landscaping. Whether you’re an avid gardener or just starting to plant flowers in your yard for the first time, it’s always good to research your choices of roses to make sure you find ones that are not only compatible to your area, like the elements in your region, but the type of soil you have for planting, and of course your personal preference in the flowers’ height and colors, among other things. The more you know before you purchase and plant roses in your yard, the better the chance that you will choose ones that will add the beauty you want, and the maintenance you can afford to give them. Keep reading to learn about ten types of roses that are perfect for your landscaping.

1. English Rose

The English rose is the traditional rose of, of course, England. The deep red color is rich and the blooms are full and fragrant. The English rose is a variety that offers disease free roses and the feature of re-blooming flowers so that you can enjoy them over and over. Truly one of the most magnificent varieties of roses and one that makes an amazing addition to any landscape.

2. Honey Perfume

If you live in a hot humid climate and find that many other rose varieties fall prone to black, moldy spots, the Honey Perfume is one you may want to consider since it is a rose that does not fall subject to these conditions and problems. They are the perfect rose for landscapes that must put up with more humid days in the summer, than not. The color of the blooms start out as rich golden hue but change over time. They will eventually soften to a soft yellow, and ultimately cream color as it ages. You will often see all three colors of flowers on the bush at the same time, which adds to the roses’ beauty.

3. Julia Child rose

If you don’t know who the famed chef, Julia Child is, then you haven’t seen a cooking show. This gorgeous, striking and very cheery yellow rose was named just for the famous English chef and it even gives of a scent of a food item, the delicious black licorice. It may not be what you’d expect from the looks of the rose, but it’s delicious and it makes a nice addition to any landscape, especially because this is a minimal-care rose that will do well in just about any garden or yard.

4. Citrus Splash

If you’re looking for a nice rose bush that makes a nice screening area, these are roses that will form that hedge for you in your landscape. This variety is quite hardy, and bloom in vibrant orange and pink colors, an almost citrus-look to them, but to match that look, is their sweet citrus smell. Some of the shrub varieties will continue to bloom on a regular basis, while others will bloom on a yearly schedule, and if you are wanting immediate action from your shrub roses, be aware that this variety of roses can sometimes take a year or two before it reaches its maturity level of spectacular beauty.

5. Hybrid Tea (white)

The purity of a white rose is something everyone can appreciate. It’s crisp and clean and really adds a bit of elegance to your landscape. If you love the look of a beautiful white rose, the Hybrid Tea rose is one that will that appealing look, not to mention the fragrance it will provide for your enjoyment. The Hybrid Tea rose emits a strong and spicy fragrance from its blooms that can grow up to about 6 inches.

6. Climbing rose

Are you looking for a beautiful rose bush that can climb a specific structure, such as a fence, a trellis, a light post, or any other area that needs a bit of coverage? Don’t just settle for a basic creeping plant, but try adding a beautiful climbing rose bush to give your landscape a punch of color and beautiful fragrance. These roses bloom all summer and emit a strong spicy fragrance for you to enjoy along with their spectacular display of colors.

7. Hybrid Tea

This Hybrid Tea is spicy to look at, and it’s spicy to smell. The beautiful and striking colors of reds and yellow have been blooming in yards of rose growers for over 40 years and it’s easy to see why it’s a favorite for so many. They are a hardy rose, surviving perfectly fine during even the hottest of summers days. Their vibrant colors will not only add a bright spot in your landscape, but inside your home too, that’s because these are perfect cutting roses with their long, sturdy stems.

8. Lady Edna Hamilton

Lady Edna Hamilton roses will remind you of a cool glass of peachy lemonade with its mixed coloration of yellow and orange petals. The shrub bush is an excellent variety of rose to plant in your landscape borders or in mass plantings of flowers to add a splash of color to a particular area of your yard. While many varieties of roses put out a spicy scent, the Lady Edna Hamilton emit a fruity fragrance, which kind of matches its fruity hues.

9. Gertrude Jekyll

One of the most traditional roses, the Gertrude Jekyll is a favorite of floral bouquets, and of England, itself. The Gertrude Jekyll is so well known for its very large pink blooms that emit a beautiful fragrance. If you are ea fan of traditional rose colors, this is a perfect selection to add to your landscape to give it a punch of color, as well as very noticeable blooms from anywhere in your yard.

10. Jude the Obscure

You’ll thoroughly enjoy the Jude the Obscure rose with its unique blooms. Frilly and fluffy, they look soft and airy, and will completely cover the bush. If you love a more subtle scent to a rose, this one might be your favorite with its fruity, wine fragrance. For those living in warmer climates, this is a bush that can also be trained to climb, which gives you options of where to plant it in your landscape.

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