The New Trend in Bathroom Design That Is Sweeping the Internet

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Over the decades, interior design trends have changed dramatically across every room in a home, and bathrooms are no different. There has been a switch in tastes from colorful suites to bathroom suites with a crisp, white finish, and from fussy florals to a minimalistic look. Like all rooms, the use of accessories contributes to the overall look, and this is one area of bathroom interior design that has seen some of the biggest changes in recent years. Now, there is a new trend in bathroom design that is making waves on the interior design scene, says Architectural Digest. This new trend relates to the use of personal care items as design features in your home.

Once, items such as your razors, deodorants, and toothbrushes were items that you stored away in a cupboard out of sight. One reason for this is because they were ugly items that cluttered up the bathroom rather than holding and visual appeal. Another reason is that cultural attitudes in many parts of the world consider personal care a private matter. Although everyone knows that certain personal care routines take place, such as flossing or a woman shaving her legs, these were routines that were done behind closed doors. Both tastes and attitudes in society are changing. People have a greater appreciation of the aesthetic qualities of even the most mundane, everyday items. In terms of societal attitudes, personal care routines are widely and openly discussed. In turn, a person’s choice of personal care items has become important and their use of these items is something that is celebrated.

Take razors as a prime example of how the trend has changed. These are an item that is used by men and women alike, and for shaving almost any part of the body. Gone are the days of buying a multipack of cheap plastic, orange and white razors that you would throw to the back of the cupboard until you need to replace the razor that you are currently using. A vast array of different razor options began to appear on the market. There were separate razors for men and women, and razors for using on certain parts of the body. There were single, double, and multiple blade options, and razors began appearing on the market with additional features, such as a swiveling head that moved to fit the angles of your body. Ergonomic handles became a thing, there were multiple color options, and shoppers could choose between manual or electric razors to take care of their personal care needs.

It is not just razors that have seen these changes. In fact, almost every major personal care brand has put in the time and effort to ensure they can stand out from their competitors by putting a greater focus on the aesthetics of their product, rather than simply focusing on the practical aspects. These options have allowed people to choose personal care items that have greater aesthetic qualities. They are proud of the items they choose and can see the positives in their design. The trend has now extended to using personal care items as design features in the home, replacing old fashioned accessories, such as bowls of potpourri. To some people, this current trend may seem strange, especially to those who are from a generation that hid away their personal care items and kept their personal care routine a strictly private matter. However, it is a trend that makes sense in many ways.

First, it is an accessible design trend that even those on a budget can follow. Although the initial outlay for nicer personal care items is a little more than simply buying the bargain bucket, disposable items, it is a far cheaper design upgrade than replacing a suite or adding the trendiest shower head to your bathroom. It is a simple, and cheap way of adding some designer touches to the room, especially now that brands have realized that creating a luxurious look sells and that upgrading the designs accordingly makes sense, says Cosmetics Design.

Some people may also consider this a trend that has come full circle. It is taking us back to an era when personal care items were not disposable items that you picked up for cheap from the drugstore. They were something that you invested in and took care of over time to make sure you got the best out of them. The trend for using practical items as a design feature is far from limited to the bathroom. Over the years, practical items in the kitchen have added to the overall design of the room in many ways; think pans hanging from a beam or kitchen utensils displayed on the wall for both practical and aesthetic purposes. Furthermore, having practical items out on display is the perfect solution for people who have limited storage. Instead of trying to look for innovative storage solutions for a room with limited space, consumers can proudly display their items in a visually appealing way around the room, thanks to the improved designs of these items.

Like many interior design trends, this latest trend in bathroom design has become a hit on social media. People are posting photographs of how they are following the trend in their own homes, or design ideas featuring practical bathroom items they have seen while out and about. There are even whole pages devoted to this topic on sites such as Pinterest. Of course, the big brands are taking advantage of this trend and are using social media as a strategy to push the boundaries of the trend further. Therefore, it is likely that this is a trend that will continue for some time as the design of personal care items continues to improve to such an extent that the products are so visually appealing that they add a touch of luxury to your bathroom.

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