20 Bathrooms With Beautiful Wall Decor

Bathroom wall decor ideas can sometimes be the toughest. They’re often small, odd shaped, or taken up with other elements, like a mirror. So what do you do with an empty wall, or wall space in your bathroom? You can create beautiful decor for any size wall or wall space in your bathroom and it just takes using a little creativity to come up with the perfect idea. Wall decor can be anything you want it to be, from a mural to hanging unique items in an artistic way, even using a combination of ideas to create a beautiful, well balanced decor idea that makes sense for your bathroom. The key is to make the wall decor idea you come up with flow with the theme of your bathroom. According to Housely, just as an empty wall can be unattractive and unappealing, an overly stated or too busy wall can also detract from the look of your bathroom. So to get you on the right path to choosing the perfect wall decor idea for your bathroom wall, here are a few things to consider.

Add texture

Texture to anything adds a whole new dimension, including walls. Textured wallpaper is one of the simplest ways to add beautiful wall decor. You can cover an entire wall with a beautiful textured paper and complete the look with a coordinating piece of wall art. For another idea, cut the textured wallpaper into strips, glue them to canvasses painted in a coordinating color and hang them as wall art. Similarly, you can frame squares of the paper in beautiful frames then arrange the frames in a unique pattern on a blank wall. Other uses of texture might include creating a beautiful moss wall, adding wood slats applied at different levels to create a weave design, or, as Roohome suggests, a textured marble wall can be a stunning way to make a wall Pop! And give your bathroom a real Wow! factor.

Be creative with mirrors and pictures

Pictures and mirrors are similar in that they come in different sizes, shapes and designs. You can create a beautiful display of framed pictures by arranging a variety of colorful pictures framed in a variation of frames, across a wall to really make a wall stand out. For a sophisticated look, cover an entire wall with a solid, bold-colored wallpaper, then simply hang empty picture frames in a beautiful arrangement to create the look of framing wallpaper. It’s simple and elegant. Alternately, mirrors can be used in the same way, only you get a couple of benefits from mirrors. Mirrors serve a practical use in a bathroom, and in small bathrooms, they can add some extra light, as well as give the illusion of a larger space by reflecting light in the room. Use a variety of sizes and frame designs to give the wall an artistic touch.

Say it on your wall

A really cute idea is to put a favorite quote, create your own saying, or simply add a few inspirational words to a wall in a creative way. Here are a few ways to do this. If you want a beautiful decor idea for your bathroom wall, yet simple and easy are something that appeals to you, creating a beautiful word display on a blank wall is a great way to achieve both. Stenciling letters on the wall and painting them in a simple black, or a coordinating color for your color palette is a simple way to express your favorite quote or words. Framing the words with a decorative frame can add an elegant charm. Or leave them freely scrawled across the wall for a more simplistic, free-spirited look. Pottery Barn suggests using Papier-mâché letters as an option. The letters are cheap, light weight and easy to customize single words, such as “Bath,” “Shower,” “Bubbles,” or whatever you choose.

Shelves add dimension

Floating shelves, or recessed shelves are a great way to add dimension to a wall and display some of your favorite decor pieces. Add lighting over the shelves to draw the eye to the display to help showcase the wall, and add a bit of ambiance to the bathroom. For a rustic look, pieces of old, reclaimed wood or shelves made of rock, can cozy up the space and add a bit of rustic charm. Slate or glass shelves can add a modern or classic touch.

For more great ideas on creating a beautiful bathroom wall, take a look at these 20 pictures of bathrooms with beautiful wall decor and get inspired to create your own.

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