10 Clever Ways to Transform a Blank Wall

Gallery Wall

If you’re sick of eyeballing a plain expanse of blank, white wall, there’s plenty of ways you can jazz things up a little. From mirrors to photos, macramé to shelves, wall letters to collages, there’s a solution to suit every budget, style, and design. Turn your unadorned space into a decorative focal point with one of these ten stylish ideas…. while we can’t guarantee they’ll change your life, they’ll do wonders to transform a blank wall.

1. DIY Artwork

Quality artwork doesn’t come for cheap, especially when it’s on a big enough scale to fill an entire wall. If budget is a concern, skip the gallery and try your hand at some DIY art instead. You don’t need to be great at painting to create something truly eye-catching: wrap columns of fabric in contrasting print around a large pre-stretched canvas for a striking focal point. You can even mix things up by opting for a collection of smaller wrapped canvases hung in a triptych.

2. Macramé

If you remember the 1970s from the first time around, this next one might seem a little too retro for comfort. If you’re a child of the 80s, 90s, or noughties, then let me introduce you to the wonderful world of macramé. As wall decorations go, it’s cheap to make (or even buy, depending on how you want to play it) and goes a long way in adding a cheerful, hippyish vibe that provides a great contrast to contemporary decors, and an equally good compliment to ones with a more vintage vibe.

3. Wall Letters

The typography trend is still going strong, and can add a dynamic, personal touch to an otherwise plain wall. Avoid the obvious (“Love” has been done too many times to bear repeating) and opt for a message that’s personal to you and you alone. Add some drama by choosing the letters in a variety of sizes, shapes, materials, and colors. You could even try mixing things up by interspersing 3D letters in shadow boxes with prints of the word in various colors and patterns.

4. Magazine Collage

If you’re looking to decorate your wall on a budget, why not try utilizing some of the existing art you have at your disposal… even if, at first glance, it doesn’t seem like art at all? High-end magazines like Vogue, Marie Claire, and even the National Geographic contain page after page of stunning photographs – liberate them from their bindings, encase them in a frame, and, voila… a gorgeous, one of a kind piece of art. Arrange several prints together to create a guaranteed taking point.

5. Photo Wall

Black and white photographs have a timeless appeal and complement most decors and color schemes effortlessly. If you have some old monochrome photos of your family, why not do as Today suggests and take them to your local copy shop to ask them to convert them into large engineering prints? Use a little clear glue to attach them to your wall, and not only can you enjoy being surrounded by some of your favorite people, but you can also create a highly personal, distinctive focal point on the process.

6. Gallery Wall

“Never underestimate the power of a well-designed gallery wall!” Laurel & Wolf designer Abagail Leepin says to Forbes. “The colors, textures, and patterns eliminate negative space and enhance the finished feeling that you wish to achieve,” … a sentiment we’re loathe to disagree with. Use the space and your own sense of style to artfully hang a series of photographs or art pieces. The impact comes from the way they’re hung and how they work against each other, rather than their value as individual pieces; even if you can’t afford anything other than thrift shop pieces, you can still make a dramatic statement by hanging them in an eye-catching way. Two larger pieces hung diagonally and surrounded by smaller pieces will create a balanced, arresting aesthetic.

7. Floating Shelves

Floating shelves can be utilized for a myriad of purposes, and, used wisely, can fill a blank space to perfection. While they make an excellent way of displaying framed art pieces, they work equally well as a showcase for photographs, decorative glassware, or even plants. The best thing is that once they’re up, you can change the pieces as much as you like without any further effort. Depending on whether you want to keep things simple or really make use of every inch of that blank space, you can either stick to one or two centrally placed shelves or use multiple smaller units, lined up either diagonally or horizontally.

8. Textiles

When most of us think of the kind of art pieces suitable for wall decoration, we think of paintings, drawings, murals, and the like. As it turns out, we could be missing a trick. Textiles make a great way of decorating your wall and are available in so many different types, patterns, and varieties, you’re almost guaranteed to find something that fits the bills. An oriental rug adds a beautiful splash of color to a wall, while a large animal skin can add just the right touch of retro glam.

9. Children’s Handprints

If you’re a parent, grandparent, auntie, or uncle, why not give the kids in your life the chance to make their own mark on your wall? Invest in some cheap stretch canvases and a pack of multicolored water-based paints, then give each child their own canvas. They can either create their own design or if you want to keep things uniform, get them to stamp their hand or footprints across the black canvas. Ask them to sign the bottom before hanging in a line across the wall- not only will you have a wall to be proud of, you might even discover a budding Picasso in the process.

10. Mirrors

Mirrors have more than just the one use. Hung on mass across a plain wall, they can create a dramatic, stylish effect. As an added bonus, their light-reflecting qualities will make small, dingy rooms seem instantly bigger and airier.

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