One Set Of Bookshelves, Unlimited Ways Of Arrangement


Bookshelves represent the best way to store your books very visible and yet, in a very economical way. We’ve seen many models, but none of them was as intriguing as the one presented below. Created by a Korean designer, these unique shelves have the great feature of being movable and so they can take different shapes.

The main idea consists of several square boxes linked together through hinges to be hanged on the walls. But maybe the best part is that the shape of the shelves is mainly dictated by the balance or the unbalance created by the sustained books. It all makes sense, isn’t it?

The movable bookshelves make a good point. Below you have just a few of the shapes they can take. From a simple square, with all the shelves aligned, to crazy fun shapes, this makes the walls seem like they’re alive!

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