20 Gorgeous Brick Fireplace Designs

A fireplace is not only functional in that it helps provide heat and warmth to your room, but it offers ambiance and a focal point for your room. Whether it is your living room or another room in your home, making your fireplace a beautiful creation that can be admired from anywhere in the room, is something that using brick as the main design element, can do. Brick is very versatile and comes in an array of colors so that you can make it as simple or elaborate as you want. Mixing colors and other design elements and accessories is one way to use brick as part of a beautiful brick fireplace creation. Here are a few brick fireplace ideas to help you in your design efforts.

1. Mantel choices

The mantel is one of the main accessories on any fireplace. Whether you have a large or small mantel, the color and choice of wood can really make a fireplace pop. If you have white moldings around windows and door frames, a white mantle against natural brick gives it a casual appearance, yet makes it stand out. For a more rustic look, a large, natural piece of oak for a mantel,

2. Accent tips

Using different colored bricks as accent bricks can add a sense of flair and style to a fireplace. Natural brick combined with a design of red bricks around the opening of the fireplace. Light colored grout adds to the unique look, along with a dark oak wood mantle. White brick used in restrained amounts can really accent light colored walls, such as gray or creams. Highlight the white brick with a beautiful white mantel and framing, or extend the white of the mantle into a white shelving unit on either side of the fireplace for an even more dramatic look.

3. Full-wall bricking or small

Depending on the size of the wall your fireplace is set, you may choose to brick the entire wall, or just extend the bricking above the fireplace, to the ceiling, for a grand looking fireplace. Bricking extended high up a wall are a great way to accent high ceilings, and give the room a dramatic appeal.

For more ideas on brick fireplaces, take a look at the following 20 pictures of gorgeous brick fireplace designs.

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