Everything You Need to Know about Vaulted Ceilings in 2020

Vaulted ceilings are one of the most beautiful architectural details there can be in a home. They add so much to a room with their added vertical space, making a room look and feel open and spacious. Vaulted ceilings don’t have to be hum drum with just added wall height and simple paint jobs. You can use the space to help complete the look of your decor theme, use it for added light when natural light is limited otherwise, and use it to showcase your creativity for decor ideas. With the new decade, comes lots of new decorating ideas for home interiors, so if you’re looking to doing a few home improvements or remodeling to bring your home into the new decade, consider transforming your mundane vaulted ceilings into something spectacular. Here’s everything you need to know about vaulted ceilings in 2020.


One of the greatest ways to showcase your vaulted ceilings and the vast spaciousness of a room is to incorporate skylights into your ceiling. While rooms are typically designed with windows for bringing in natural light, not all homes, or rooms are in areas that allow for adequate natural light, but with beautiful skylights, any room can be filled with light streaming in from above, filling an entire room with all the natural light you could want. According to digsdigs, something homeowners will want to consider, should you decide opt for skylights in your ceiling, is to have the surrounding windows double-glazed to help cut your costs on the energy bill for heating and cooling the space.

Wooden beams

Wooden beams have been used in homes forever. According to next luxury, vaulted ceilings are an age-old architectural detail that are being used to give homes a more modern look today, however, these large, open vertical spaces can appear to be too vast and cold in some rooms, but one one way you can warm up the room and give it some character is by adding wooden beams to your vaulted ceiling. Wooden beams can bring an entirely different look to a room, from sleek and elegant, to rustic and charming, and it all depends on the type of wood you choose, from cedar, to pine, oak, and more. Color choice, along with the choice of a distressed or un-distressed style of wood will also make a difference in the look and feel of a room. If staying in a certain budget plays a role in your decision on wooden beams, consider faux wooden beams for your ceilings. They can create the same beautiful effect without the cost of real wood.


Shiplap and wood planks

A great way to add character to a vaulted ceiling is by shiplapping your ceilings. This is a timeless look that is most recognized as a way to cover walls, or at least a part of a wall, but it’s also a great way to give that high ceiling a stunning look that can help visually reduce the height of the room and cohesively tie the two portions together. Like wooden beams, wood planks come in a variety of looks, from the type of wood, to the size and color of the planks, for instance, jenna kate at home explains how a country classic styled plank brings a country cottage look and feel to a room, while stained, wood grain planks bring a warmer, more rustic look to the space. Wood planks paired with wooden beams are a beautiful combination, and depending on your architectural taste and home’s design theme, you can choose how to design and arrange the wooden beams with the planks so that you get the desired look.

Light fixtures

One thing most people who have vaulted ceilings in their home will tell you, is, choosing the lighting for the room can be a challenge. Vaulted ceilings are not only high, making the light have further to reach when lighting the lower half of the room, but what types of light fixtures work best for vaulted ceilings. Some of the most popular types of lighting fixtures for vaulted ceilings include:

  • Recessed lighting – Recessed lighting is a great way to get lighting that keeps your ceiling appearing sleek – clean and clear of anything cluttering up the space. If you like the, less-is-more, look, then recessed lighting can give that to you. Adjustable recessed can lights can be installed so that you can aim the light just where you want it to stream, and it is a type of lighting that can help smooth out imperfections on walls, and other details around the room, just by the way you angle the light.
  • Track Lighting – Track lighting is similar to recessed lighting in that it can be adjustable. Track lighting works great for vaulted ceilings because it can be installed along the sloped portion of the ceiling, and gives you multiple lights in a sequential area. Aim the different lights at different areas, or all of the heads in the same direction, for instance, at a piece of art might be better illuminated with an entire track aimed in its direction.
  • Pendant lighting – Pendant lighting is a popular lighting choice for high ceilings. You can choose from endless styles and sizes of pendant lights to match your style and decor. Pendant lights can be strung at different heights to get the perfect look and amount of light you need for your higher ceilings.
  • Chandeliers – Chandeliers are great fixtures to create a focal point for your room. No matter what style of decor you have in your home, you can find a beautiful chandelier to match; from simple and understated, to vintage or modern, or perhaps you prefer a more traditional or a rustic look, there are chandeliers to fit any motif. One thing to keep in mind is to choose a chandelier that fits the size of the ceiling and room. Hanging a chandelier that is scaled too large or small for your room and ceiling height can lead to an awkward look and feel in your room.

Vaulted ceilings can be a great asset to any home, especially when it comes to adding visual space in smaller homes. What you do with that vertical space is up to you, but using that space to make it as beautiful as the lower portion of the room is always to your home’s advantage.

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