10 Ways to Incorporate Moroccan Design in Your Home

Moroccan interior design has something a little magical about it. With its blend of European and African styles, and its love of vibrant colors and bold designs, it stands in stark contrast to the white walls and simple lines of most modern interiors. If you’re tired of the bland and the boring, introduce some ‘wow’ factor into your home with these top ten ways of incorporating Moroccan design into your home.

1. Glam Meets Boho

Moroccan design is nothing if not boho… but not your average shabby chic, thrift shop boho. No, we’re talking upscale, global boho with more glitz and glam than your average nightclub. Don’t think you can hang some macramé from your wall and call it a day: forget the fringes and the artfully disheveled look and go for accessories that look like they’ve just jetted in from some far-flung land. Basically, if you see something that looks like it belongs in some upscale Marrakesh souk, put in a bag and take it home. If you see something that looks like its just been transported from some 1960s student’s room, leave it be.

2. Lay on the Tiles

Ask someone to describe Moroccan décor, and even those of us who couldn’t tell you if Marrakesh was in Africa or Antarctica would eventually mention the word “tiles”. Tiles are a huge part of Moroccan design, and one of the easiest and most practical elements to incorporate into our homes. Bold patterns and contrasting colors are the way to do it, although what colors you add, and what patterns you choose, is really all down to you.

3. Let there be Light

Getting the light fixtures right in a room isn’t just about letting you see properly (although obviously, that does come into play). Choosing the wrong lighting can break a theme quicker than you can say 1,2,3 – imagine, for example, the effect of fluorescent strip lighting in a French country kitchen, or an Asian hanging lantern in a Caribbean themed living room. When it comes to Moroccan inspired rooms, look to get your light from pendant lamps and lanterns.

4. Pile on the Pillows

Moroccan decor is as much about comfort as it is about style, and what better way to marry the two than by adding some gorgeous pillows to your room? As Expat Woman says, a big pile of sumptuous Moroccan inspired pillows will do wonder at adding that hint of global boho-chic without going too flower power in the process. Opt for ones in sumptuous fabrics like silks and satins, and don’t forget the power of a tassel or two.

5. Weave a Tale

Woven fabrics are huge in Moroccan design, and a cornerstone in creating your own little slice of North African heaven. Rugs and pillows are an obvious way to introduce some little woven touches to your interior, but don’t shy away from some more creative uses of the medium either. Woven baskets are as beautiful as they are practical: cluster together a few smaller ones on the table as a useful place to store your keys and other odds and ends, or bring in a few larger ones to act as pot holders for plants; an idea which bring us nicely along to our next key tip….

6. Get Down with Nature

If you think a straggly pot plant or two is enough to bring some North African chic into your home, forget it. Moroccan design is about taking the outside and the inside, and then squishing them together in one glorious mix. Forget about keeping the greenery for the garden- open your door and welcome nature inside. Potted plants, rattan furniture, floor cushions, even the odd hanging basket… basically, if it looks like something you’d find in a neighbor’s garden (providing that neighbor’s got taste and plenty of green fingers) bring it in.

7. A Pouf of Magic

As The Spruce notes, poufs have been an integral part of Moroccan homes for more years than we can count. Whether used as a footrest or a casual seating option, they’re a practical way of adding some Moroccan style to any interior. Choose one in a gorgeous, jewel-colored fabric to really up the Moroccan wow factor.

8. Take a Magic Carpet Ride

If you think a welcome mat at the front door is enough rug for any home, think again. As Don Pedro Brooklyn notes, rugs can pull together all the disparate elements of a room and make it come together in one big, North African themed party. Forget delicate little numbers and go for something vibrant, woven, and bold. Colors are key, as are patterns, while the choice of whether to go for one big piece or layer a number of small ones together is really up to you.

9. Layer on the Textures

Textures are a big part of Moroccan design, and crucial for getting the look just right. The trick is to combine as many different textures together as possible, whether through linens, throws, wall hangings, tapestries, rugs, or curtains. Forget about simplicity or minimalism: in Moroccan style, a “busy” looking room is the height of desirability, and thankfully, one that’s a lot easier to achieve and a lot more forgiving than the stark lines and empty spaces of more puritanical schools of design.

10. Go Big or Go Home

Moroccan design isn’t subtle. If you want a subdued, mellow interior of calming creams and boring beiges, look elsewhere. Incorporating Moroccan chic into your home requires you to adopt a certain mindset, one you may find challenging if you’ve been conditioned by years of being told white walls, stark lines, and no personality is the height of good taste. Moroccan design is all about personality, providing that personality is vibrant, bold, and about as shy and retiring as an oncoming storm. When it comes to colors, patterns, prints, accessories, and anything else, the message is clear: go big or go home.

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