20 Gorgeous Boho Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Do you find yourself attracted to the 70’s hippie era where patterns and colors were bold and a lot of fun to look at? Well, you can create that same look for your bedroom and create a retreat that really expresses your personality and love for everything chic and eclectic. Boho is a design theme that is fun to work with because there are no real rules or ideas that you have to follow in order to achieve it, instead, if anything, it’s one of those design themes where pretty much anything goes.

What you will want to keep in mind as you design your Boho bedroom, is the idea behind this style reflects a natural, artistic lifestyle. This means you will want to incorporates organic materials and natural elements into the design, bold hues, pretty patterns, and then give it your personal touch by decorating it with your artistic vision. If you want to create a beautiful Bohemian bedroom retreat but need some ideas, we have a few tips to help you connect with your inner hippie.

Flowing linens

Part of the Boho look is to create dramatic effects with linens. Canopy beds are a popular element in this design, as well as draping bedspreads, window treatments and other linens used throughout the room. You can create a canopy bed by placing a four-poster canopy stand around your bed and use a sheer linen covering that sweeps out away from the bed. Bedspreads that hang low and sweep across the floor are also a popular look, or drape a fringe-style throw at the foot of the bed. You can hang a Bohemian-style tapestry above the bed that can act as a piece of art, as well as it will add an organic element to the room.

Use bold hues throughout the room

One of the most common elements to a Boho style room is the use of bold colors throughout. You might choose to use a pretty patterned bedspread with bold colors mixed in. This gives you lots of options of how to play with the colors in the bedspread and use them throughout the room. You might want to use one of the colors for the primary color on the wall, and use other colors in the pattern throughout the room in the way of accents. Throw rugs, lampshades, seat cushions, window treatments and art, are all ways you can incorporate colors into the room.

Be generous with patterns

When most people think of the Boho decor theme, they think of pretty and unique patterns from that era, You can mix and match patterns in the Boho style, so have fun and choose a variety of patterns for the room. You can mismatch patterns in throw pillows, and choose a different but complimentary pattern for your window treatments. To keep things interesting, choose yet another pattern for wall tapestries, throw rugs, chair cushions and other accent items.

Keep furniture and other furnishings natural

Using natural elements for a Boho style room is oh-so-chic. Natural wood, crystals, feathers, and other natural materials are what you’ll commonly see in this decor style. Rooms decorated using the Boho theme typically give one the look and feel of all things natural and organic, which means you will want to choose natural materials when choosing the furnishings and decor pieces for your Boho style bedroom. Use feathers to create decor pieces, hang macrame art on the wall, and hang crystals from a lamp or on the wall, or maybe choose to hang a crystal chandelier above the bed. Another way to create more natural beauty in your Boho bedroom is to incorporate a few green plants around the room to help bring a little of the outdoors into the room.

Bohemian bedrooms can be warm and welcoming and very charming. You can be as bold or as understated when it comes to your style since it about many different elements, and it all depends on which ones you want to choose and work with.

For more inspiring ideas, here are 20 pictures that reflect gorgeous Boho decorating ideas for you to look at.

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