20 Great Bohemian Kitchen Ideas

A bohemian kitchen is one that has a totally relaxed feeling about it. The ambiance is filled with character and personality, with a warm and free spirit. This type of design is all about personalizing the interior with a mix of colors that can be surprising along with the use of unusual textures and other elements. Bohemian is by nature, free and uninhibited, and it sends the message that you are marching to the beat of a different drummer with no fear of following your instincts and heart. A bohemian style kitchen can easily become the focal point of a home. Here are twenty examples to inspire you and give you a few Bohemian kitchen ideas.

1. Bohemian Candy

The owner of this kitchen employed several different design elements including busy patterned throw rugs in lively colors that complement the overall decor of the interior. The use of reds, oranges and yellows pop to get your attention. It may look like a careless arrangement of elements, but the use of texture and color gives this kitchen a bohemian ambiance that is distinctive yet not precisely ordered. There is a light sense of chaos adding to the unique personality of the room.

2. Ordered chaos

This kitchen makes use of the element of patina with the wood flooring that has the appearance of being aged over time. It’s busy with unusually ordered collectibles stored within a semi-modern furnishings that are not from any specific era in time. There is a melding of old, retro and a mishmash of objects that do not readily go together in a coherent scheme. The inclusion of a glass-top rectangular table is the most unusual element that becomes a focal point in the room.

3. Bohemian rustic kitchen

This kitchen uses the kitchen space to uniquely combine the kitchen and living room elements for an overall bohemian effect. The arrangement of furniture and elements is a bit off beat, but warm and inviting.

4. Chic and busy

This kitchen makes use of a variety of colors, patterns and unusual objects to create a bohemian effect that is not seen everyday. This kitchen is filled with great ideas, although the uniqueness of the elements might be difficult to imitate precisely.

5. Breath of fresh air

This light and airy interior has a lot of different bohemian ideas, the foremost being the inclusion of texture and mismatched objects that have an ordered chaos.

6. Small space miracles

This is the perfect example of how to go Bohemian with a very small amount of kitchen space. It’s the perfect melding of modern and rustic.

7. One Absurd element

This modern kitchen decor is instantly transformed into a bohemian style with the simple inclusion of a highly textured throw rug with unusual patterns going on.

8. Modern White Bohemian

This kitchen has the basics of a modern white color scheme, but the inclusion of a variety of unusual items and colors you would not expect to find in a kitchen turn it into a unique area.

9. Just a couple of chairs

This chic kitchen went bohemian with the addition of two unusual chairs and a brightly colored basket that probably wouldn’t fit into any other color scheme.

10. Green, white and a splash of color

This kitchen features a mild bohemian flavor with traditional white cabinetry and an unusual wall treatment choice of a bright green brick facade. What really adds the finishing touch is a bohemian throw rug with unique patterns and bright colors. Notice that the bright colors of the area rug do not tie in with any of the other elements in the kitchen, but they work and give it a unique and personal character in a grouping that is off the beaten path.

11. Shabby Chic styling

Baby blue colors, wire crates and a bit of whimsy are ideas you can easily incorporate into a bohemian design of your own.

12. Daring and unapologetic

This scheme uses old furniture with a mishmash or wall decor that adds surprise and a bit of color.

13. Traditional with personalized touches

This kitchen is a basic traditional that is made unique with plants in rustic pots.

14. Rustic shelf magic

Here are a few ideas incorporating rustic wood shelving and unusual objects.

15. Light and lively

The floor pattern is matched as wall trim, and inclusion of a few off beat items create a bohemian atmosphere.

16. Provincial and dark

This kitchen is almost reminiscent of a French Provincial with darker overtones.

17. Just a few elements

It doesn’t really take much to go Bohemian, as you can see in this small but unique kitchen.

18. Colorful inclusions

The use of color with a few items that have little in common with one another create a bohemian effect.

19. Retro Rustic Chic

Combine a few different elements and this is what you get. Combine a few different textures, styles and colors to get this effect.

20. Starkly minimalist

You can go bohemian while still maintaining a minimalist scheme as evidenced in these unique kitchens.

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